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Men's pearl necklace: bohemian, spiritual or chic

The men's pearl necklace is one of the products that has consecrated the resurrection of men's jewelry. This type of piece gives off a bohemian, spiritual or chic style, depending on the model. The beads in these men's necklaces can take the form of many materials: stone, wood, glass, lava stone, metal or even natural beads.

The different types of pearl necklaces for men

Today, the most popular pearl necklaces for these gentlemen are the following models:

  • Black pearl men's necklace: one of the most sought after, whether the pearls are made of black stone (eg onyx) or painted wood
  • Natural wood bead necklace: variable color necklaces depending on the species selected (from beige to very dark brown). Wooden beads can also be painted
  • Shamballa necklace: for a very oriental look
  • Tahitian pearl necklace for men : once reserved for women, necklaces made of Tahitian pearls or other natural pearls find followers among these gentlemen
  • Glass bead necklace

The story of the pearl necklace

The men's pearl necklace, as jewelry, has always played a decorative role. But it also and above all had a meaning. In many societies and tribes, the pearl necklace was used to define the sex, the social status, the role or even the wealth of any individual. It was a sort of identity card that let you know who you were talking to just by looking at your collar.

For example, necklaces could be used to distinguish between children and individuals considered adults after passing the rite of passage. Among the Zulus, the necklace also made it possible to know whether a woman was married or single. Black pearl necklaces are also worn in some societies as a sign of mourning.

In China, glass bead necklaces were used to determine the social status of its wearer. Senior officials wore long necklaces. Many religions have adopted the pearl necklace as an accessory of worship. This is particularly the case of the rosary beads, which can be found in Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and many other religions.

The men's pearl necklace in the 21st century

Today, the pearls on the men's necklace may still have religious significance. In some countries, especially in southern Europe, you can still see men reciting their beads. But it is above all a fashion accessory. A long wooden pearl men's necklace is especially appreciated by those who wish to convey an image imbued with spirituality, travel and freedom. This men's jewel has a very "bohemian chic" effect.

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