Collection: paracord bracelet

A paracord bracelet for style aficionados

Jewellery and men: this is a somewhat unusual mix. This is probably the reason why some men remain reluctant to wear them. However, in recent seasons, accessories dedicated exclusively to them have taken off and are now all the rage. The paracord bracelet is displayed on the wrists of the greatest icons of men's fashion and several movie stars.

This is the type of jewelry that any man can wear without feeling overdone or too eccentric. Simple, but effective, it is more than enough to add a little touch of freshness and sophistication to your look.

Paracord bracelet: which one to choose?

The paracord bracelet isn't just for Boy Scouts. It can actually fit perfectly into your outfits — whatever your style. To avoid missteps, choose a model that is relatively understated. This is also a "must" to include in your jewelry collection. However, a colored paracord bracelet, even flashy, can also be a fun alternative to consider if you are more daring.

Besides, it is also recommended to select finer options that are not too bulky. By doing so, your jewelry will not be overly imposing, but will simply help to complete your look and enhance your overall appearance.

Mix your accessories skillfully

Although there are no strict rules as to how to wear your paracord bracelet, the current trend is for it to be worn in groups (and in odd numbers). It can also complete a watch, but does not need to match it. However, he must not overload it. A more subtle men's bracelet will be especially more elegant if you wear a more refined piece of jewelery at the same time.

Also, a thicker one will go wonderfully with larger bracelets worn on the opposite hand. In addition, also make sure that your bracelet is suitable for every circumstance. If you go to an art gallery, a multi-piece set with a blazer jacket and a pair of jeans will be perfect. If you're heading to a business meeting, you might want to tone it down with a single, more subdued color.

Bijoux4men, a paracord bracelet on each wrist

Like a watch, a men's paracord bracelet can be worn daily. Some models are more elegant and correspond to more formal occasions. In any case, your choice of this versatile accessory should reflect your personality and highlight the color of your complexion. In order to offer you as many options as possible, Bijoux4men has a large collection purely dedicated to men.

You will surely find the one that best suits your style. Likewise, if you're looking for a high quality piece of jewelry, you've come to the right place. And for good reason, whether it's the silver medallion, the drawstring or the finish, the details have been meticulously worked to harmonize with each other. The bracelets are also adjustable. So don't hesitate any longer, place your order now.