Collection: Men's wrap bracelet

Inspired by the hippie movement, the wrap bracelet expresses all the values ​​of this movement: freedom and peace, but also the march towards difference and the transgression of traditions . If you are looking for a jewel that will bring out your quirky and fierce side, while remaining chic, Gentlemen, this one is for you.

The wrap bracelet, the essential for the modern manly man

The men's wrap bracelet was made internationally famous by Chan Luu. This is how it has since become a must-have in the modern fashion world. A unisex jewel at the base, it gives men the virility they want to embody. And what could be more manly than going against the grain and breaking traditional social codes with this bohemian chic bracelet?

In fact, there are an infinite number of possible combinations between the materials, stones and colors of this bracelet, so that each man can have the one that suits him best on his wrist. So, from the brightest to the darkest shades, you will choose your jewel according to your personality.

It will gracefully adorn your handle with its rows of stones or crystals. In addition, it will easily close at the back with a clasp, always for better comfort.

To make a difference in your look

The men's wrap bracelet will bring the touch of originality to all your outfits. Indeed, even if you wear the most classic of outfits, don't be afraid to be like everyone else, because it will make you stand out among your peers. It is also a jewel that testifies to a strong and indomitable character. Thus, it is made for those who are not afraid to be noticed and to assert themselves.

More than just a men's jewel, a symbol

Made for all followers of the counter-culture, it testifies to the rebellion of the new generation. In short, it represents a struggle against the system that forces individuals to conform to the codes imposed by society. Therefore, gentlemen, if you want to stand out and assert your personality at all times and on all occasions, you absolutely must opt ​​for this bracelet.

The Bijoux4Men wrap bracelet

If you have found yourself in the values ​​represented by the wrap bracelet for men, and you are also looking to stand out from everyone else, you can find it at Bijoux4Men. It is available in several colors and shapes according to your desires.