Quelques tendances de la mode homme 2019

Some men's fashion trends 2019

Women love the extravagance of jewelry. But the men are not left out. Alfred Moody, from Double Take Fashion Studio, made a short appearance on the set of Morning Dose to present the men's accessories that should be a hit next fall.

While he landed on the set with a suit whose pants have been replaced by shorts, the presenter nevertheless asked Mr. Moody to explain, is this a new trend? He explained that it was a rather personal choice. How to be well dressed while being comfortable, on the occasion of certain events that require a certain dress (like going to mass)? According to this is a completely acceptable solution. With a tie or a bow tie, or without, it's up to you.

The brooch as men's jewelry

Ten years ago, only atypical men like Elton John wore brooches. They nevertheless invite themselves more and more on the lapel of men's jackets. Usually a brooch is worn on the left lapel of the jacket. But as Mr. Moody does, it is entirely possible to experiment. Personally, he likes to wear 3 imposing brooches on the right lapel. Wearing your brooch on the right lapel also brings out a certain harmony with the pocket on the left.

The cover

The clutch is a classic of the masculine look. It gives more volume to the suit jacket, to brighten it up a bit. As we explained in an article dedicated to the subject, there are several ways to fold a cover. Mr. Moody is obviously not a fan of strict etiquette, but there is still one unchanging rule when it comes to the cover: the color must match the shirt.

Floral pins

If wearing a brooch doesn't suit you, you can opt for a pin. Currently, lapel pins that feature floral designs are particularly popular.

The hat

There was a time when the men's hat was considered an accessory for people of a certain age. This is no longer the case, and with the heat waves that we are experiencing it is nice to be able to cover your head with something other than a cap.

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