L'impact du Covid sur la demande en bijoux homme

The impact of Covid on the demand for men's jewelry

Before Covid-19, it seemed that men's jewelry was on its way to becoming a permanent fixture in menswear.

Jake Gyllenhaal was jogging around New York with a flashy gold chain around his neck. Harry Styles made pearl jewelry chic and fashionable. He probably inspired the Jonas Brothers to take that train. Gucci Mane walked to the 2020 Grammy Awards wearing diamond jewelry. And big gold rings were suddenly everywhere, and not just on Johnny Depp's fingers.

This surge of original men's jewelry on the red carpets, coupled with growing consumer demand for fashion that erases traditional male and female boundaries, was it going to contribute to making men's jewelry a category viable consumer products beyond watches and wedding bands?

With no high-profile, red carpet-style events during the pandemic, momentum in men's jewelry has slowed somewhat. But now that the economy has reopened and our collective desire to enjoy life to the fullest (buy, buy and buy again!) is manifesting, men's jewelry should once again be in high demand.

Men's jewelry, a market still dominated by wedding rings

A recent report on the state of the watch and jewelry market by Business of Fashion and McKinsey & Co shows that men's jewelry sales represent only 5-10% of the global market . And in this niche, wedding rings continue to make up the majority of sales. Male consumers present brands with “an opportunity to gain share in a relatively uncompetitive market fueled by increasingly genderless aesthetics and the promotion of high-profile influencers, particularly in Asia. »

Many well-known brands have anticipated this growth and launched men's and gender-neutral jewelry collections to corner future purchases. Kendra Scott launched her very first men's collection, Scott Bros. by Kendra Scott, last month. Graziela presented a series for men in May.

Jacquie Aiche added a men's line to her range last year. She told Brittany Siminitz of JCK, "Whether it's a single gold chain or a multitude of beaded bracelets of gemstones, I've found that more and more men open to try the port in accumulation. » Contemporary jewelry brand Misho has launched its first-ever collection for men. It is composed of classic chains, men's pearl bracelets, pearl and zodiac pendant necklaces, as well as rings signet rings, and this no later than July 8, 2021.

Demand for men's jewelery is reborn with deconfinement

And jewelry merchants were directly confronted with the demand. Sean Dunn, co-owner of J.R. Dunn Jewelers in Lighthouse Point, Florida says, “we are clearly seeing an increase in demand for high-end jewelry. Obviously, watches are in incredibly high demand, but we also sell one-of-a-kind men's rings created by our award-winning designer, Robert Pelliccia. These men's rings offer unique shapes and colored center stones. Link chains are also selling well. »

He adds: “I think there is a lot of room for growth in the men's jewelery sector. It's just about offering the right products, from suppliers or made in-house. We'll be showcasing our men's jewelry this year when we go to show in [Las Vegas]. »

Debbie Fox, owner of Fox Fine Jewelry in Ventura, Calif., recently expanded her stock of men's jewelry, "mostly bracelets and chain and leather necklaces, t33>” she said. And although this category still represents only a small part of the store's activity, she notes: “It's the beginning of a cultural change that wants men to adorn themselves. They have more choices, which go beyond traditional masculine looks. »

This choice is essential. As COVID-19 begins to wear off, the mood can be summed up in one word: YOLO, the internet acronym for "you live only once". For men, women, and non-binary individuals, it's a great time to say goodbye to archaic rules, put on a new gold chain or signet, and enjoy life.

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