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> Swedish jewelry: where does the Lappish bracelet come from?

The Lapp bracelet is also called the Sami bracelet in reference to the Scandinavian tribe that designed it. This is the upcoming trend for this winter. Discover all the secrets of this men's bracelet in reindeer leather, and braided tin and silver thread. read more

>skull jewelry: what does it mean?

You can't miss the trend for skulls! On your bracelets, your necklaces: skulls are everywhere. But what does this symbol mean? Between insubordination, provocation, and irony, this representation is never trivial.read more

> What bracelet to wear on the beach when you don't want to spend too much on it?

This summer, you want to dress up your look but pamper your wallet. The dilemma is no longer one at Bijoux 4 Men! We have selected beautiful inexpensive jewelry for men! Whatever style you are looking for: Brazilian, surfer bracelet, or simply: we have something for you! Read more

>Gangsta style jewelry

Do you have a more hip hop style? Are your icons American rappers? Take a look at our summer collections. If Kanye West has already fallen for goodwood NY wooden necklaces, will you be the next to succumb? read more

> Summer Sale

You are not dreaming.this year, the sales go up to -70%! The perfect opportunity to crack on a fancy accessory or on a piece of quality jewellery! Read more

> Celebrity Men's Jewelry - Goodwood NYC

The famous New York brand's wooden jewelry is being emulated! Kanye West, Nas, Snoop Dogg and the biggest names in US hip hop have already succumbed to wooden bracelets and pendants! To be at the forefront of the 2013 trend, follow the guide. Read more

> Make your Christmas list

Bijoux 4 men offers a selection of necklaces and bracelets for men, for all budgets. Find your gift ideas for men with our selection for Christmas. read more

> Trendy Men's Necklaces

Discover the prettiest models of pendants and necklaces for men! You will find something for all styles and for all budgets! read more

> Sales on men's jewelry

The kick-off is given for the sales on men's jewelry! Bijoux 4 Men offers you 15 to 25% off the entire store. This is the opportunity to fall for your favorite model! read more

> Men's jewelry: how to choose?

Before making a purchase on a merchant site, check that the store has a minimum of guarantees. Here are some tips to ensure the reliability of the store.Read more

> Men's fashion accessories

Goodbye big bracelets and gold-chains-that-shine on a hairy chest! We forget the clichés of virility: in terms of jewelry for men, a lot of ground has been covered. read more

> Giving a jewel: THE good Christmas gift idea for your man

Time to stock your hood! If you are looking for men's gift ideas for Christmas, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our online men's jewelry store.read more

> Advice from a trend hunter

Do you want to buy a piece of jewelry for men? Here are some tips for making the right choice.read more

> Sales and discounts on men's jewelry

Do business and fall for our prettiest models of men's jewelry.read more

> Happy Valentine's Day

Do you want to offer a nice present for the chosen one of your heart? Take advantage of Valentine's Day on February 14 to declare your flame or show your love! Giving a jewel is more than ever a symbol.read more

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