Des bijoux parfaits pour les hommes qui les détestent

Perfect jewelry for men who hate them

When there is hate (even if the term is a bit strong in this case), love is never far away. As for jewellery for men, they rarely leave anyone indifferent. Either we love them or we can't stand them. As for the second category, there is an explanation behind this repulsion.

Finding the right men's jewelry to exorcise him

How to explain this rather violent reaction to simple accessories? Who's to say that men who happily wear beautiful jewelry, like David Beckham or Spike Lee, look ridiculous? This rejection of men's jewelry is often explained as follows: it is the feeling felt by men who cannot find jewelry that suits them. It's not that they hate men's jewelry, it's that they hate the way they look when they wear it.

However, it is not complicated to find a beautiful piece of jewelery that fits like a glove. We have dedicated a few advice articles for choosing your jewellery, in particular one which was entitled 7 mistakes not to make.

In short, the choice of the good men's jewellery is above all a question of harmony with lots of parameters:

  • Your morphology
  • Your outfit
  • Your personality
  • Your tastes

Just because a men's bracelet or necklace suits your favorite singer doesn't mean it's right for you. You need to consider all of these factors when choosing your jewelry. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. That you are convinced that it highlights you.

In this respect, men's jewelery is fundamentally no different from a pair of shoes, a jacket or any other element of your look. If you are satisfied when you look in the mirror, you are wearing the right pants, the right shirt or the right men's bracelet.

That said, there are some jewelry designs that are inherently more wearable than others. As is always the case in fashion, what is simple tends to be elegant and easy to wear. Here is a small selection of men's jewelry that you can buy online on our site and which are relatively versatile:

A bangle bracelet

In metal for a resolutely masculine, sober look, in black for this model to reinforce this masculinity and sobriety: men who are afraid to wear jewelry will be reassured by this ring homme that will be on your wrist for the modest sum of €28. We offer other models in steel and silver.

Leather and silver bracelet

Leather is a resolutely mixed material. This Zen 132 men's leather and silver bracelet succeeds in marrying finesse and a raw look, displaying a resolutely elegant style while expressing masculinity.

Silver necklace

In the necklaces category, we have selected for you this Black Forest oxidized silver chain, a piece of jewelery that is raw, elegant and masculine at the same time which goes with many outfits and which can be worn with happiness by many profiles.

Pearl bracelet

We end this selection with a men's black lava bead bracelet decorated with a small skull for a rock 'n' roll look. At only €32, here is a beautiful piece of jewelery to give yourself a little bad boy air, while taking care of your appearance.

Obviously these are just a few examples. Browse the categories of our sale of men's jewelry online store and find the piece that will make you stand out.

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