Des bijoux homme inspirés par l'univers Marvel

Men's jewelry inspired by the Marvel universe

Are you a fan of Marvel superheroes and do you like men's jewelry? In this case, you will soon be able to reconcile these 2 passions. Indeed, the men's jewelry brand GLD has just signed a partnership with the publisher of comic books and films featuring Avengers characters.

GLD x Marvel Men's Jewelry

GLD, which Forbes recently dubbed the "Nike of men's jewelry", is obviously very proud of this new collaboration. This strategic partnership with Marvel has been concluded for many years. “This is an important milestone for GLD,,” said co-founder Christian Johnston. “As we enter this collaboration with Marvel, we are proud to partner with one of entertainment's most legendary and recognizable brands.

Thanks to this agreement, GLD will be able to design necklaces, pendants, men's bracelets, rings and other jewelry, drawing inspiration directly from the company's enormous intellectual property catalog. franchise. And, of course, major characters such as Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, etc.

Thrilled fans

The GLD x Marvel jewelry collection represents a huge opportunity for the jewelry house. Indeed, fans of Marvel heroes constitute a huge community that spares no expense when it comes to satisfying its passion and expanding its collection of objects related to their heroes favourites.

These men's jewellery will above all reflect the characters of the Marvel universe. But also the style that GLD has developed, namely unique pieces that are recognizable at first glance.

The first collection will be launched at the end of May

For those who are already stamping their feet, the GLD x Marvel collection will launch in the end of May 2020 in the United States. Prices will be affordable: from $79 to $99 depending on the parts. Besides these cheap jewels, the collection will also include more upmarket models in solid gold and precious stones.

Customers can vote to choose the men's jewelry that will be marketed

GLD will take into account the opinion of its customers as well as Marvel fans to choose the models that will be marketed. On a special section of its website, anyone can register to vote for the hero or heroes they want to see on GLD x Marvel jewelry. The first collection will consist of men's necklaces with pendants.

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