Bracelet médiator : pour les joueurs de guitare, et les autres !

Pick Strap: For Guitar Players, and Beyond!

The men's pick bracelet is a popular item of jewelery among these gentlemen. It is of course particularly appreciated by guitar players. For those who are not familiar with the terminology of musical instruments, the pick is this small accessory that allows you to strike the strings of a guitar, or any other instrument to strumming strings. And it is also used to make beautiful bracelets.

What is a pick? What's the point?

The pick is also called plectre, or pick in Quebec and tab in Belgium. It is used by guitar players to strum the strings of their instrument. This accessory is not mandatory. However, it is widely used for hard-stringed instruments, especially electric guitars. That said, nothing prevents you from playing with your fingers, it's a matter of preference.

As with jewellery, there are picks of different thicknesses. The thinner the pick, the smoother the playing and the clearer the sounds. The thinnest models are reserved for acoustic guitars. For frenzied solos that require precision and speed, use thicker picks.

A pick strap, why?

Certain models of pick straps can fulfill a utilitarian role. Walk into a private party and feel like strumming your host's guitar? Thanks to your pick bracelet, you have a plectrum on hand, we can almost say it, to play a few songs. But it is above all a decorative men's bracelet which allows you to ostensibly display your taste for music and the guitar in particular.

Like simple plectrums, picks are available in a variety of materials for straps: plastic, metal, horn, wood, etc.

Video in action for fans :)

Buy a pick strap, the perfect gift for all guitar and guitar fans

A friend, boyfriend, husband, or anyone else you want to give a present to a guitar player ? Give her a beautiful gift with a guitar pick bracelet! In particular, we offer you this pick bracelet in oxidized silver from Sing a Song. As its name suggests, this brand of men's bracelets has been specially designed for musicians and music enthusiasts. Pick bracelet, in guitar string, you will find many models rather rock 'n' roll.

Icing on the cake, these plectrum and bass string or guitar bracelets are overwhelmingly sliding knot bracelets, which means that they adapt on all wrists. Either way, you always order with peace of mind from Bijoux4Men because of the money-back guarantee on all your purchases of men's jewelry.

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