Bagues homme : les modèles tendances en 2021

Men's rings: the trendy models in 2021

It's almost normal for a man to wear lots of bracelets these days. And now that we've all gotten used to wearing more and more jewelry, the stacking phenomenon is now moving onto our fingers. Carefully choose a few rings of different widths and thread them on as many fingers as possible: all the follies are allowed. Simple men's rings that could pass for wedding bands lend themselves perfectly to this trend. But avoid wearing them on your left ring finger if you want to date!

While chunky rings are all the rage, '90s rock-and-roll rings and bracelets are getting a makeover. Now, these jewels are as likely to be gold as they are silver. They're also more demure, eschewing the hardcore aesthetic favored by bikers. If that's too much for you, the classic signet ring is making a comeback. This is a perfect men's ring for association with an alliance. The signet ring can be personalized to communicate something personal.

Fashionable 2021 men's rings

Given that we are going through a more than uncertain time, it seems natural that jewelry linked to beliefs, such as astrology or esotericism, should appear. Of course, unisex models are extremely popular. So don't be surprised if your girlfriend or wife starts borrowing your men's jewelry. And vice versa, by the way. Here is a selection of men's rings that are particularly trendy in 2021. To offer or to offer for Valentine's Day.

Eva Fehren's Hero Signet Ring

In 18-karat white gold and palladium, The Hero is a simple yet bold signet ring. It is part of the XX / XY collection by Eva Fehren. A woman wearing it looks like she borrows her man's denim jacket, according to her. It's hard to help noticing that the style of this men's ring is furiously reminiscent of Superman's shield.

Legacy for Men textured ring by Simone I.Smith

This stainless steel ring offers an elegant touch to your fingers without breaking the bank. A steel men's ring is a great option if your job or hobbies make you an active man. Nevertheless, this resistant ring does not lack elegance. It can therefore be worn in all circumstances, for a guaranteed effect.

bague texturée homme

Alexander McQueen Skull Stack Ring

Stackable rings in the form of a puzzle. A 'naughty boy' theme and a high fashion look: these are the ingredients that come together in this skull ring from Alexander McQueen. McQueen is a British fashion designer particularly famous for his work for the house of Givenchy. It is also the subject of one of the most visited exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The three plated brass rings that make up this puzzle ring are made in Italy.

Ōura Heritage Smart Ring

A smart watch? It's still too bulky! Go digital with this electronic marvel that monitors your heart rate, body temperature and more. With this "smart ring" men's ring, you can develop good sleeping and physical activity habits. The ring communicates with an app on your smartphone to provide biometric data and numbers. Battery life is about a week. You can wear the ring almost all the time, even in the shower or at the pool. Not only is she useful, but she's also beautiful!

bague intelligente

Trace Nichols 'Roman Soldier' ​​Oxidized Sterling Silver Signet Ring

If your family doesn't have its own sigil, the Tracee Nichols "Roman Soldier" Signet Ring will bestow courage, strength, and power. In oxidized sterling silver with black diamonds, the ring features the silhouette of a proud centurion. This signet ring succeeds in a mix of daring styles, at the same time modern, rock-and-roll, denim and leather... while being antique. This original men's ring can be paired with many clothing styles.

Title Of Work Mixed Metal Ring 053

Designer Jonathan Meizler brings a sense of the unexpected to all of his work. This Mixed Metal Ring 053 combines 18k gold with an unclosed sterling silver band. It's oxidized for a dark finish that lightens and acquires a patina the more you wear it. So that in the end, your men's ring is truly unique. All the rings in this Title Of Work collection are made in the brand's workshop. It is located in the Lower East Side neighborhood of New York.

bague homme

Kay Jewelers black silicone men's ring

For the active man, the only alternative to wearing a silicone ring is to not wear one at all. Which may not be an option in some relationships, when Madame insists on it. A black silicone wedding band is much more comfortable than a traditional ring at the gym. And you don't have to worry about losing it in the locker room. Because even if you misplace it, for around thirty euros this kind of men's jewellery is easy to replace. It's also much safer for men in manual jobs that might put a traditional wedding ring on the line.

David Yurman Petrvs Horse Signet Ring

In an ultimate combination that perfectly combines tradition and contemporary, David Yurman offers a classic signet ring in the clean and modern style characteristic of the brand. The Petrvs Horse signet ring is subtly decorated with a horse engraved in lapis lazuli. The ring clearly has a vintage look, but is clearly a 21st century creation. The height of elegance, this men's signet ring is as appropriate with a three-piece suit as with jeans and a white t-shirt.

bague homme David Yurman

Zales Disney Enchanted Snake Scale Ring

Whether you're a super fan of Disney's Enchanted Kingdom, a herpetologist (a zoologist who studies reptiles and amphibians) or a fan of snakeskin fashion accessories. This diamond snake ring is inspired by Disney's Aladdin villain, Jafar, and his cobra side. This is a men's ring in sterling silver plated with black rhodium with some (small) diamonds. Unfortunately, it is only available in size 10. But it can easily be resized.

bague serpent homme

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