Voici les bijoux homme récompensés par le prix Collections of the Year

Here are the men's jewels awarded the Collections of the Year award

Each year, Professional Jeweller rewards the most beautiful jewelry collections of the past year. The prizes were awarded in mid-December 2019, a few days before the new year 2020. According to the magazine, cufflinks are making a comeback as men want to impress more. The leather bracelets continue to be popular, while acquiring contemporary details.

Winner: Modern Earth men's bracelet and rings from Unique & Co

Before the last edition of Collections of the Year, Unique & Co had already won the prize for the most beautiful men's jewelry 3 times in a row. In 2019, the designer once again embarked on the race hoping to achieve the pass of 4. And it's done: the brand won 62% of the vote with its Modern Earth collection. Launched in 2019, it was a direct hit in jewelry fairs. In stores, the men's leather bracelets and rings from the collection went like hot cakes.

bracelet cuir homme Modern Earth

The Modern Earth men's jewelry collection enjoys combining and playing with materials. Matte leather in tones reminiscent of the Earth, natural wood, abalone and hematite on the materials used. The end result is modern, elegant and casual jewelry that you can wear on any occasion. Last year, Unique & Co recorded an 8% growth in sales of men's jewelry, while 2018 had already been good. The house is rewarded for its originality, both in terms of style and materials used.

Rewarded finalists

Here are now the award-winning designs behind the Modern Earth collection.

Anchor & Crew men's natural stone and vinyl bracelet

The introduction of men's bracelets featuring original designs and using atypical materials has enabled Anchor & Crew to attract a new clientele. With this bracelet, its designers did not hesitate to use Nila beads and vinyl to create something truly original. Since the house's collections feature jewelry that have been specifically designed to pair together, she's managed to build a loyal customer base who enjoy hoarding Anchor & Crew signature pieces.

Harley men's necklace from Buckley London

collier homme acier Buckley

Last year, Buckley London was in its second season of offering men's jewellery. In 2019, the London house introduced several collections of men's jewelry, including Harley. It quickly became a bestseller. This fashion collection features men's necklaces, rings and chunky chain bracelets that appeal to the modern man. They were all created in order to be worn in combination. These are very manly men's jewelry made of stainless steel that are nevertheless easy to wear. Durability, affordability and timeless style are also elements that have appealed to jewelry stores and consumers alike.

Moving Scene Cufflinks by Deakin & Francis

Deakin & Francis continues to innovate in the field of men's jewelry, and particularly in that of cufflinks. In 2019, the house introduced the very playful Moving Scene collection. These men's jewels are inspired by the landscapes of London and New York. These jewels have the particularity of featuring a bicycle whose wheels can be operated via an ingenious mechanism. When the bicycle goes into action, the landscape in the background scrolls by, as well as the emblematic buildings of each city.

For example, the London design scrolls the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament and the Shard. The New York design features the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge.

Tateossian Rocket Man Cufflinks

boutons de manchettes Rocket Man

British jewelery brand Tateossian has managed to take consumers down the yellow brick road with a collection dedicated to the many hits that Elton John has given us throughout his career. Aptly dubbed Rocket Man, this exclusive capsule collection pays homage to classics such as his Tiny Dancer and I'm still standing.

The collection includes men's leather bracelets in the image of the star himself, cufflinks with Elton John's signature embellished with Swarovski crystals and than other parts like a tie pin. The collection also includes pieces featuring enamel rockets with a deliberately playful and childish look. In the end, she perfectly embodies the career of the singer. In any case, they won over consumers: in the month of the launch of the Rocket Man collection, all available The Signature Logo cufflinks and tie pins Star Glasses were sold. .

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