Une nouvelle ère, celle où la reine des gemmes pare les bijoux pour hommes

A new era, when the queen of gems adorns men's jewelry

Today, wearing jewelry is no longer reserved for women. Yes, the male sex is also entitled to it! You only have to look at the impressive number of models of jewelry for men on the market to be convinced. On the other hand, men should be careful with their choice.

Indeed, whatever the type of adornment to wear, sobriety is essential. In any case, you should know that men also have the possibility of using diamond jewelry as fashion accessories. But, again, simplicity should be preferred.

The men's diamond bracelet to enhance your wrist

Although minimalist bracelets are popular with men, luxury jewelry also has its place in men's wardrobes. Men's bangle, cuff, anchor bracelet, fish hook., all these models can be paved with pretty little diamonds. It goes without saying that the shape of the setting should be as simple as possible, as well as the caliber of the diamond. The frame can of course be in gold (white, pink, yellow), platinum or silver.

More and more jewelry brands are also extending their offer to men with masculine diamond bracelets. Among the famous jewelry houses that offer this kind of adornment, we can mention Van Cleef & Arpels, Chaumet or Cartier. This French brand is also distinguished by the stripped, but refined line of its creations. What better way to enhance your outfit in all circumstances!

A diamond ring for men to emphasize his elegance

Far from harming a man's virility, a diamond ring can perfectly enhance his elegance. All you have to do is choose a ring with a discreet and resolutely masculine look. Alliance, solitaire, signet ring, men's rings can be set with diamonds. Moreover, the brilliance of a gold or platinum frame knows how to bring out the most sober designs, without any frills. Always at the forefront of the trend, a diamond ring for men can be matched with most looks. There's nothing like staying fashionable without falling into too much!

Diamond earrings: a mark of social prestige

Yes, it is not forbidden for men to wear diamond earrings. These even symbolize social success. Will Smith, Pharell Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo., the stars are numerous to show their fondness for these little gems. There is no denying it, these jewels for men with diamond have the gift of elegantly embellishing the silhouette. What's more, they go wonderfully with all styles of clothing, from the most casual to the most chic. Of course, it is strongly recommended to choose only sober and masculine models. This also applies to the size of the diamond, which must in no case exceed 0.5 carat. Otherwise, it risks creating a bling-bling effect, which must be avoided above all.

Diamond pendant for men: a personality revealing jewel

The diamond pendant has established itself on men's necks, to our delight. It reflects the personality of the wearer, their feelings and even their story. Therefore, as it has already been said before, it is better to turn to an inconspicuous adornment. It is therefore essential to take into consideration the size of the diamond and the shape of the jewel. So there's no need to bet on an imposing accessory!

Note that the diamond can come in different colors. The color can thus play on the appearance of the jewellery. Therefore, for a diamond men's set, it is more appropriate to choose a black stone rather than a pink one. Needless to say.

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