Une marque de bijoux homme propose à ses distributeurs des microsites pour combattre l'impact du coronavirus

A men's jewelry brand offers its distributors microsites to combat the impact of the coronavirus

Whether for men's jewelry or any other economic sector, the containment measures taken to combat the coronavirus are having a significant impact. If online commerce can still work, it is obviously a disaster for physical stores, which are forced to close their doors. In order to help its distributors, the American men's jewelry brand INOX Jewelry has developed microsites that its customers can easily integrate into their existing site or social network account in order to generate of online sales.

E-Store: selling men's jewelry online

Thanks to the E-Store Microsite INOX program, all partner merchants can easily integrate all of the brand's men's jewelery to order online on their website. jewellery need not worry about stocks or shipments, everything is managed by INOX. The stores simply have to generate traffic and are rewarded in exchange.

Mark Hollis, CEO of Salesone, said: “As the situation changes by the hour, companies are facing unprecedented challenges, having to reinvent themselves at the daily. In our world now influenced by social distancing, we thought about how to support our distributors at no additional cost to them. That's why we created this microsites solution to compensate for the drop in traffic to their store through online sales.

So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Stores are seizing this partnership opportunity to help them get through the difficult times ahead. »

Sale of men's jewelry in "drop shopping"

INOX has really thought of everything. The customer will receive a personalized invoice with the logo of the jeweler. He will be remunerated each month by INOX according to the sales generated. It has a very wide choice of men's jewelry, for young people, fathers, etc. Men's skull bracelets, necklaces, rings, chains, pendants, earrings... It's the whole range of male jewelry offered by INOX.

Far from just offering a specific style, INOX stands out as a varied brand that offers products for all styles. Rock 'n' roll men's jewelry, leather bracelets elegant, men's jewelry influenced by hip-hop... The designs are eclectic.

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