Un bracelet homme électrisant pour vous débarrasser de vos mauvaises habitudes

An electrifying men's bracelet to get rid of your bad habits

This bracelet for men or women is not the most aesthetic. In black rubber, it is decorated with a unique logo in the shape of a lightning bolt, which announces the color. In this case, this bracelet is not intended to complete your look or highlight your wrist. He's here to rehabilitate you. And beware if you make a mistake...

A bracelet that punishes you when you slip

Poor diet, smoking, indiscipline when it comes to getting up on time. Believe it or not, gentlemen, it is possible to buy a wristband today that administers a 350V electric shock when you foul. For example, you are about to take a cookie. It's harmless, but powerful enough to make you jump, according to its inventor. The intensity is adjustable.

This Vindicator Bracelet doesn't just work with junk food. It can help you get rid of a whole host of bad habits. It comes with a specific application, Pavlok, named after this somewhat peculiar bracelet. You can, for example, get electrocuted if you go over your monthly budget. Pavlok can be linked to lots of external elements, for example your GPS or your bank account. And this in order to set rules that you must follow, otherwise the sanction happens.

Softer warnings to get you back on track

If you think an electric shock is somewhat barbaric (and you won't be wrong), this bracelet can emit softer signals, such as a vibration or an audible alarm.

Pavlok obviously refers to Pavlov, the famous Russian physiologist who studied conditioning and gave his name to the Pavlov reflex. Here it is a question of associating your bad habits with an unpleasant feeling in order to help you, deep within yourself, to get rid of them.

A process that is not always automatic

The system still has its limitations, as in many scenarios you have to shock yourself. If the bracelet is able to wake you up with a delicious electric shock when you didn't get up in time, it is not able to detect that you are biting your nails or eating a hamburger .

Maybe the solution is to install the app on your partner's phone, say. She or he may be able to activate the shocks when you skid, but this implies being monitored 24 hours a day.

In short, we are not entirely convinced. And at a price of $200, this corresponds to a nice little collection of men's bracelets to order on Bijoux4men. Much more aesthetic and harmless masculine jewelry!

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