Un bracelet en tissu pour mieux contrôler ses humeurs ?

A fabric bracelet to better control his moods?

The men's bracelet completes your style, but in the future some models could have a utilitarian role, according to Reuters. Namely to be able to know his emotional state. British researchers are working on a prototype bracelet for men or women which will be able to provide indications as to the emotional state of its wearer.

Being more aware of your emotions in order to control them

According to the team leader of the Lancaster University researchers, Muhammad Umair, " the main message is that at relatively low cost, we can help people become more aware of their emotions. We believe that the majority of us will benefit from this awareness so that we can better control our emotional responses. »

Umair and his colleagues have designed fabric wristbands that use thermochromic materials that change color, heat, vibrate, or squeeze the wrist when the conductivity of the wearer's skin is changed. The objective of this project is to help men and women manage depression, anxiety or even their bipolarity.

Smartwatch makers are also on the ball

Manufacturers of smartwatches and fitness monitoring devices are also working on the issue. But this British team dares to hope that this fabric bracelet will offer a more faithful account of the emotions felt.

In order to test their bracelet, the researchers recruited 12 men and women who had already tested similar devices. Six prototypes have been created.

We used standard biosensors that measure skin conductivity, a factor usually associated with mental arousal. These data then make it possible to provide a visual or tactile representation of the observed measurements. This bracelet is not able to differentiate between negative and positive emotions, it is only able to measure their intensity. »

Testers had to wear this bracelet for 48 hours as they went about their business. They were instructed to write down each time the bracelet alerted them to an emotional change. At the end of these 2 days, they were interviewed.

It turns out that these bracelets allowed them to be more aware of their emotions. For example, one of the testers reported feeling his wristband heat up while talking about a boss he didn't like. “I felt that the bracelet was telling me that I was inhabited by negative emotions. It got me thinking: do I really have to let this upset me? I then learned to choose not to be. »

Researchers have also determined that wristbands that change color are more effective than wristbands that heat up. While these results are encouraging, academics readily admit that more testing is needed. Especially concerning the influence of other factors. For example, one user reported that after drinking a beer, his bracelet changed.

These kinds of accessories also pose a confidentiality problem. If the bracelet changes color, others are also able to notice the change in mood of their interlocutor. Electronic data may also be used for marketing purposes.

In the meantime, nothing prevents you from wearing a men's fabric bracelet to express... your good mood.

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