Trouver son style pour ces Messieurs

Find your style for these gentlemen

Each man is unique, so is the style to adopt. We can even say that it is part of your identity. But, you still have to find the right look! Workwear, dandy, casual chic, hipster., all styles do not necessarily suit you. Indeed, it is above all a question of personality and taste. It can thus become a real obstacle course to find your style. Especially for beginners and those uninitiated in men's fashion. Here are some ideas to find the ideal look and wear it without a false note.

Everything comes just in time to those who know how to wait

Finding your style and creating it cannot be improvised. Developing your taste in clothing obviously takes a lot of time. and money. You must therefore have patience and above all not allow yourself to be inactive. Silhouette, cut, material, color, details, observe! Likewise, do not hesitate to touch and compare pieces such as accessories: men's jewelry, bags, ties, etc.

You also have to know how to take risks and be curious. Be bold and dare to step out of your "comfort zone". It is only after many trials (and sometimes errors) that you will be able to find the Holy Grail. At the end, you will know how to choose the clothes and accessories that will fit your personality and make you stand out. And this, as naturally as possible.

Don't run after current trends, think basic!

Yes, there's no need to blindly follow men's fashion trends. Instead, favor basic and timeless pieces that can suit all styles and all desires. In any case, it is advisable to take into account your preferences, your morphology and your environment when making your choice. T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, shirt. are welcome in your wardrobe.

What could be better than good accessories to further enhance your look? Anchor bracelet, shamballa necklace, leather bracelet, watch., it’s up to your personal preference. In addition, some clothes and accessories go perfectly well with many looks. However, bet on sobriety and avoid overdoing it. Because there is no more effective way to undermine your style of dress.

Finding your style? Take into account your morphology

Whether you are short, tall, corpulent or muscular, you have to choose your clothes according to your physique. Indeed, for successful combinations, you must consider your figure, complexion, hair and eye color. However, regardless of your morphology, nothing prevents you from adopting the style of dress that suits you best. Relaxed, elegant or casual chic, you can try it all whatever your stature.

The cuts and materials of the pieces of course differ depending on whether you are thin, corpulent or strong. For example, for men with a certain overweight, nothing like fitted cuts (blazer, suit, shirt, sweater). As for pants, straight and semi-fitted cuts are preferred. This is not necessarily the case for other morphologies. Male accessories also vary according to the morphology of each. Tie, sunglasses, jewellery: men's bracelet, necklace, ring., a wrong choice could damage your style.

A style adapted to its environment and context

Apart from your tastes and your personality, the search for your style must also take into account your daily environment. Especially for those who work in a specific workplace. But that's no reason not to add a personal touch to your look. It is therefore essential to adjust it with the rules of your environment and the situation. The best way to do this is to play with props. You can give more tone to your clothing style with a bracelet in steel.

Set the budget

It goes without saying that finding your style is an investment like any other. However, this is not necessarily obvious, especially if you plan to completely redo your dressing room. Fortunately, today you have the opportunity to take advantage of the sales to find good deals. You can just as easily rely on the second-hand market. Dressing well for cheap is quite possible.

Having a chic style without breaking the bank

Of course, to achieve this, you must not miss the opportunities that are available to you. Likewise, you need to manage your budget well. Want branded parts? So, buy less, but wisely!

Enjoy your quest for the Grail

Finally, it should always be remembered that finding your style is only a process. Also, don't worry too much and have fun with what you're doing. Stressing and getting upset will only serve to push you further away from your goal. Anyway, enjoy!

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