Tout sur les bracelets pour les hipsters

All about bracelets for hipsters

From the United States to the Middle East and Europe, hipsters are invading the city. Hipster here, hipster there, these 20-year-old sores (between 18 and 25 to be exact) looking like lumberjacks or homeless people are on the way to becoming a social class apart. Because being a hipster is above all a question of attitude and look. Second-hand clothes, vintage accessories, extravagant jewelry with original and eye-catching designs. The hipster stands out and stands out. A brief topo of bracelets for hipsters.

Bracelets for hipsters: how to choose and wear them?

The men's bracelet is much more than a simple fashion accessory. A true masculine jewel of identity, it allows you to assert yourself and your style. Reason why it should never be chosen at random. If everything is usually a matter of taste, for the hipster, the bracelet must denote a way of life. Also it must be with a showy and original pattern. A skull of course, but also animal motifs, vintage objects...

For an authentic hipster look, combine the raw and the refined and alternate between the old and the new. For example, a tribal wire bracelet with a large men's bracelet in lacquered wood or leather. Another track, wear a colored pearl bracelet (with a clear preference for turquoise) with an aged silver or rhodium bracelet. Or a contemporary bracelet set with precious stones with an old bracelet found in garage sales or your grandmother's jewelry box. As you will have understood, the mixture of genres is essential. And stacking is the watchword. With a combination of rebellious and quirky bracelets, you're at the top of the class. No doubt you will bring down several of these damsels.

A golden rule though. A beaded hipster bracelet should have a color that matches your outfit. For example your tie, the pocket of your jacket or your socks. And to a large extent, one of your tattoos.

Jewellery for hipsters, keep it vintage and authentic

Leather and steel are at the center of jewelry for hipsters, enhanced by the beauty of pearls and the authenticity of wood. But be careful, you have to choose a model with an aged appearance. Moreover, if the materials are noble and the lines clean, there is no question of minimalism. Extravagance is in order when it comes to bracelets and jewelry for hipsters.

With the plethora of hipster bracelets offered by brands, it's impossible not to find what you're looking for.

Small selection of bracelets for hipsters

Multilayer men's bracelet

The multilayer bracelet brings an offbeat note, right on the hipster trend. If you're not a big fan of mixes, this bracelet is a good compromise.

Nappa and silver bracelet

The nappa (fine and very soft leather) and silver bracelet is the jewel to wear on special occasions. Very classy, ​​it has an elegant but original look.

Silver ethnic bracelet and cord

This jewel of undisputed elegance is suitable for evenings with friends. The bead softens the metal without choking it.

Men's pearl bracelet

The must have for any self-respecting hipster. It can be worn on the beach as well as during literary or artistic exhibitions.

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