Tendances 2019 bijoux homme

Trends 2019 men's jewelry

The men's jewelry trends for 2019 are surfing between minimalism and extravagance. We warn you, there will be no middle ground! Either you will wear an ultra-thin necklace, or you choose an ethnic and exotic adornment. Good news for all those who advocate "less is more".

But stacking is still the order of the day for bracelets and men's necklaces, with a combination of materials and shapes. Everything is allowed, the only limit is your imagination. Discover the jewellery for men that you absolutely must have to be at the forefront of fashion in 2019.

An ultra-thin necklace with or without a pendant

You will have understood that playing the bling-bling card to stand out from the crowd is inadmissible in 2019. The thinner the men's necklace, the more elegant and refined it is. Enough to highlight a round neck t-shirt or a sober shirt. Eh yes ! The advantage of this jewel is that it adapts to all looks. Discreet without going unnoticed, the ultra-thin necklace is the detail that makes all the difference. With or without a pendant, it is simply so classy!

Chocker necklace (choker)

Still in the same vein, the choker or choker necklace is emerging from women's wardrobes to appeal to men who like to stand out. This jewel becomes more masculine and becomes the piece to wear to be on top in 2019. Not convinced yet? Take a look at the parades. All male models wear a choker necklace. Without forgetting rock icons such as Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, David Bowie or Harry from One Direction who have made it their hobby. In leather, fabric, plastic, metal, patterned or set with stones, it invites itself on the male neck. Do not hesitate to vary the pleasures by tying a simple scarf or wearing a double metallic choker.

The talisman men's necklace

To end this episode on a high note on the male necklace, the talisman necklace. For a few years now, the talisman has been everywhere. If in the past it was supposed to protect the soul of the wearer, today it is becoming a real fashion phenomenon. Revisited by designers, the talisman brings an ethnic touch to a simple necklace, eyeing up the minimalist necklace. Do not hesitate to accumulate charms and lucky charms for more effects. Between the hand of Fatma, the Alhambra motif, the calypso, the four-leaf clover, the metatron, the lotus flower. you will have no trouble finding the talisman necklace of your dreams.

The bracelet of strength

Do you want to show off your manly side? Bet on the men's bracelet of strength. This men's leather bracelet (preferably brown or black) style cuff is the jewel of those who have a rock'n roll spirit. Or those who want to add a rebellious touch to their look. You'll wear it on one or both wrists like a valiant Spartan warrior. Anyway, the strength bracelet is enough on its own.

Exotic men's jewelry

Still on the side of bracelets, the tribal bangle is a must in 2019. Just like the seashell cuff and the surfer necklace. These exotic bracelets add a touch of escape to your look. To be stylish, stacking is essential. Accumulate them with Tibetan bracelets and you will be at the forefront of fashion. In silver or gold steel, engraved or not, with feathers or colored threads, exotic bracelets have that air of elsewhere that we appreciate so much.

The men's brooch

Shirt lapels, tie pleats, jacket pocket. nothing escapes the spit. Discreet but elegant, the brooch sublimates the most sober outfits, for a dandy look, right in the trend.

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