Tatouage et bracelet homme, la recette gagnante du look bad boy ?

Men's tattoos and bracelets, the winning recipe for the bad boy look?

Never mind the era, bad boys, women love it! It's undeniable. Indeed, they have this charisma, this little sexy and particularly seductive side that undoubtedly turns the heads of the fairer sex. The proof, Tom Hardy, Johnny Depp, Adam Levine, David Beckham or even Jason Momoa are part of these categories of men who attract women as if they were walking magnets. What do they have in common, if not fame? Their dream build, their true rebel attitude, their falsely neglected look and their endless tattoo. Of course, you don't have to buy a Harley Davidson and drink like a sponge to look like a bad boy. Qa few tattoos (original if possible) and bracelets for men, and here you are in the shoes of a fashion bad boy that will certainly make more than one woman melt .

Tattoos: obvious for a bad boy

Make no mistake, the sexier thing about a woman than a Maserati is a man covered in ink. Discreet, a little, a lot or everywhere, they give all males a rogue and devilishly seductive look. Indeed, a man with tattoos oozes that bad boy, troublemaker personality that women like so much. And the more, the better. Thus, for a successful bad boy look, you must wear beautiful tattoos that are very manly, but never vulgar.

Of course, getting a tattoo is not a trivial act. A tattoo is for life. It is therefore important to choose them with great care and place them in very strategic places to have the desired effects. So, for a perfect look, imposing roses, XXL Polynesian patterns, geometric tattoos, crosses are to be adopted urgently. Most importantly, forget the "I love MOM" tattoos or the SpongeBob SquarePants picture.

Bracelets galore for a perfect bad boy look

Although jewelry has become more and more popular among men today, it is still associated with bad boy looks. Moreover, for the latter, men's jewelry like bracelets are not just simple accessories, they automatically complete each of their outfits. Leather bracelet, bangle, shamballa or cord bracelet, everything is good to take. They are to be adopted, declined, multiplied ad infinitum for a real bad boy look.

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