S’habiller sport en ville ?

Dress sporty in town?

No running planned! No squash game on the program either. A sudden craze for skateboarding? What's happening ? The time when sportswear was reserved for athletes or cocooning is well and truly over. Revisited by the greatest designers, they are more chic and invite themselves into the cities for a sporty look that is easy to wear. By combining comfort and class, the sporty style is attracting more and more people. Ready to embrace the trend? Our tips for dressing sporty in the city without a false note.

Above all, take your time

There are no secrets. A successful look is a style that is one with you. Anyway, if you don't feel comfortable in your clothes, it will show right away. So if you're adopting the sporty look for the first time, take it easy. Start by integrating a piece, for example sneakers with your slim raw jeans. This will give you time to get used to your new style. As for the others, they will see nothing but fire.

Choose the right colors...

When it comes to style, colors play a huge role. If the monochrome is to be banned in a casual chic or hipster look for example, with a sporty look you can let go. The only rule of thumb is that the top and bottom should be the same shape and cut. If you choose a set of different colors, do not hesitate to make small reminders of color in your accessories. It will add a chic note to your outfit. And the whole thing will be much nicer to look at.

... And the right cuts

Close-fitting or on the contrary baggy, dressing sporty in the city offers you many possibilities. And it's the same with materials. You can choose thin clothes that you will wear in the summer and thicker materials during the winter season. To avoid fashion faux pas, choose cuts that highlight your morphology. For example, if you are under 1.75 cm, avoid baggy clothes which will only flatten your figure. Tracksuits made of light materials and close to the body will definitely make you look good.

Don't forget the accessories

To end your sporty look with elegance, bet on men's jewelry. But not just any, fabric bracelets. Chic without being formal, they stylishly enhance a sporty look. In addition, you can play on the stacking. To be at the forefront of the trend, choose the right color, the right pattern and the right thickness.

The essentials for sportswear in the city

For a fun and trendy sportswear look, here's what your wardrobe should contain: hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, a few shorts, joggers and running shoes. Do not hesitate to adopt layering (understand layering of clothes) to stand out and get noticed.

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