Quel bijou offrir à votre homme ?

What jewelry to give your man?

You would like your man to wear jewelry, so you are considering giving him this gift. But that's not really his style and you're hesitating yourself? In that case, this article offers you a whole series of ideas and suggestions to help you decide the question.

What jewel to give to your man? The good news is that due to the popularity of men's jewelry, the choice is becoming more and more plentiful. Contrary to popular belief, you no longer need to be an outsider to wear men's jewelry.

General Tips

Of course, there are pieces that are more daring than others, discreet or flashy models. In addition to the jewel itself, it is its fit with the wearer that is important. If your man has a reserved personality, it is better to opt for something low-key. His clothing style must also be taken into account, as well as his size. If he has a mover profile, you will have to choose larger models, and vice versa.

Let's now move on to the different types of jewelry that can be found on the Internet and in stores, as well as specific advice.

The men's bracelet

The men's bracelet is undoubtedly the safest bet, the best starting point for taking your first steps into the world of men's jewelry. Worn with long sleeves, it can be concealed. There are sporty, casual or elegant models that suit all styles of clothing and all body types. Men who are used to wearing a watch will not be put off by a bracelet.

The signet ring

This men's ring has a long history, although in its origins it was mainly functional. Indeed, the signet was used to sign his letters. In the age of computers and e-mail, the functional value of the signet ring has disappeared. But today it is a style of ring that is popular. For a male who has never worn jewelry in his life and who fears that such an accessory will call his masculinity into question, the virile nature of the signet ring allows these prejudices to be erased. So this is another good gift idea for your man.


Another great classic of men's jewellery, the cufflinks. For them to be usable you will need to make sure your man has the appropriate shirts or suits, of course. Even if there are models that can be worn day to day with jeans, cufflinks remain an accessory rather reserved for occasions.

The men's necklace

We are slowly starting to leave the boundaries of classic men's jewelry to enter territories that allow for more fantasy. The men's necklace, even if it is less popular than the bracelet, has the advantage that it can be worn under or over clothing, and therefore can be concealed at will while the bracelet depends on long sleeves so that it can be hidden. So no excuse for your significant other not to wear your present! Especially since there are many models of elegant men's necklaces.

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