Que veulent les hommes et les femmes pour la St-Valentin ?

What do men and women want for Valentine's Day?

If you haven't done the necessary yet, you still have a few days to find the perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Not sure what to get her? Here's a survey that might put you on the right track: it shows what men want (for example if you're considering getting him a bracelet or a men's necklace), or what that women want if you are looking for something for your wife or girlfriend.

The survey took place in the United States. We could have somewhat different results in France due to French specificities, but it is probably a good indicator of the expectations of the 2 sexes with regard to the lovers' party. There are things that we could expect, others more surprising. Total percentages may exceed 100% because multiple answers were possible. But enough of introductions, let's get straight to the heart of the matter by making life easier for these ladies who are looking for a gift for their Jules.

What men want for Valentine's Day will amaze you

Lack of romance, these gentlemen? The YouGov Institute, which surveyed 1.2 million American adults in late January/early February, highlighted what men want most for Valentine's Day in 2019 is… nothing, and at 41%! Refusal of consumerism fueled by the proliferation of parties, lack of interest in this celebration or shyness? We do not know it. If it may seem strange, this kind of request has the advantage of being extremely easy to satisfy. But joking aside, here are in order the gifts men want for Valentine's Day 2019:

  • Chocolate: 16%
  • One card: 15%
  • A bottle of wine or alcohol: 9%
  • Breakfast in bed: 7%
  • One book: 6%
  • A souvenir gift: 6%
  • One item of clothing: 5%
  • A handmade gift: 5%
  • Flowers: 5%
  • A men's jewellery: 4%
  • One massage or spa session: 4%

What women want for Valentine's Day 2019

It might also surprise you, but 25% of respondents said they want nothing for Valentine's Day 2019 (we strongly advise against going this route, unless this has been clearly stipulated to you!). For the rest, the answers are not so far from those of the men, except for the figures which show that these ladies are much more gifts than these gentlemen on the occasion of February 14th. Here's what they're hoping to receive for Valentine's Day:

  • One card: 31%
  • A box of chocolate: 28%
  • Flowers: 27%
  • A jewel: 18%
  • One massage or spa session: 14%
  • A souvenir gift: 13%
  • One book: 11%
  • Breakfast in bed: 11%
  • Clothing or lingerie: 9%
  • A handmade gift: 9%
  • A bottle of wine or alcohol: 9%

Conclusion: men's jewelry still has some way to go

While the popularity of jewelry for men has steadily increased in recent years, there is still a long way to go if we ever want to achieve parity. For Valentine's Day, only 4% of men surveyed said they wanted a piece of jewelry for men, while this response was more than 4 times higher among women.

The main problem is probably to take the plunge. As many converts affirm, taking up the men's bracelet, for example, means adopting them. If you are looking for a gift for your spouse, partner or husband, giving him such a gift could help him take the plunge. By buying a men's bracelet online with Bijoux4Men, you do not take any risk thanks to our refund policy.

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