Quand les bijoux de luxe partent à la conquête des hommes

When luxury jewelry conquers men

At a time when the boundaries of gender are on the verge of disappearing (and that's good), men too dare to adorn themselves with jewelry. Although long reserved for women, they are now becoming more popular among men 2. On the catwalks as in jewelry houses, the models flock for our greatest pleasure.

Jewellery is part of these gentlemen's outfits

The time when watches, cufflinks and tie bars were the main male emblems is well and truly over. In recent years men have started to leave their traditional hunting grounds and explore other areas. Today, this traditional trio is gradually giving way to other more stylish accessories such as men's bracelets, necklaces or even rings.

While watches largely predominate, according to English jeweller, Stephen Webster, "men are nevertheless more daring and do not hesitate to incorporate jewelry entirely into their wardrobe. All you have to do is get a gossip magazine to be definitely convinced. Icons like Pharell Williams, Johnny Depp or Chris Hemsworth can't live without it. Even pins and brooches seem to have made a name for themselves with trendsetters like Olivier Giroud or David Beckham".

So you will have understood that men's jewelry is no longer just part of the dress code for rockers, punks or sportsmen. Anyone can wear them without any restrictions!

Men's jewelry: a way to stand out

Considered as a means of expression, jewelry is attracting more and more men who have a real passion for them. For Simon Spiteri, personal shopper, “jewelry has become a way to enhance your look and express your personality. Even men who were once more doubtful now indulge in a fantasy or two that reflects their personality. Others, more adventurous, even go so far as to wear several bracelets on their forearms, chains and thin necklaces to stand out ”.

Big brands in the wind

All the big names in jewelry agree that men are increasingly fascinated by jewelry from big brands. And they do not hesitate to pay a high price to acquire Boucheron bracelets, Van Clef & Arpels necklaces or Bulgari rings. The appeal of style is more pressing, and many are those who succumb to it. And they are right.

The big brands do not hesitate to comply with the requirements to attract more and more people. To encourage these gentlemen to acquire men's jewelry, designers use their imagination to create minimalist jewelry with subtle designs. Jewelry that exudes freshness and masculinity. Noble materials such as gold or silver calcite, fine stones such as almandine garnet or even more discreet materials such as leather are favored to seduce men . Other unexpected materials are also appearing.

Style lessons: what jewelry for men to wear with a classy look?

A man who wears jewelry is beautiful, it's chic. Women find them sexy. However, be careful! If men with a trendy and urban look can afford almost any jewelry like rock style bracelets from Alexander McQueen or Peyote Bird, businessmen with suits and ties must follow a few rules.

To avoid a fashion faux pas, opt for braided leather bracelets from haute couture brands like Bottega Veneta. They will go perfectly with your elegant and chic outfits. You can also afford one or two thin necklaces to add a little pep. To be discreetly hidden under the shirt of course!

Bushings won't be left out either. You can wear them without any hesitation. However, with a polished look, you can't go wrong! It is therefore preferable to wear only one piece of jewelry. It will give you even more class.

Head for favorite men's jewelry

For this season, many brands are offering unique and exceptional jewelry. As for the rings, the B rings.Bulgari's Zero1 have greatly charmed fans of unisex jewellery. They are also worn on a daily basis. Tom Ford bracelets are also very popular with businessmen. And for those who like to stand out from the crowd, cuffs, skull bracelets or even wooden bracelets are particularly fashionable among men looking for originality.

So, gentlemen, now you know what you have to do to refine (or assert) your look!

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