Quand la joaillerie et le nautisme se rencontrent, de véritables trésors de bijoux hommes naissent !

When jewelry and boating meet, real treasures of men's jewelry are born!

Jewellery and veils... No connection, you might say. And yet... A jewelry designer named Marc-Arnaud Pavageau has found a way to unite them forever. So how did he do it? Well, he had the original idea of ​​making men's bracelets of a new kind using materials from a sailing boat. But, not just anyone! That of the skipper of La Mie Câline, Arnaud Boissières.

The emergence of a concept

A jeweler based in Tours (Indre-et-Loire) and Les Sables-d'Olonne, Marc-Arnaud Pavageau is the instigator of this somewhat unusual concept. That of creating high-end jewelry for men from elements and parts of boats. However, he especially wanted to design an adornment steeped in history and meaning, through these manufacturing materials. Another reason that led him to develop this idea was his desire to fashion a masculine bracelet that revolves around sport other than the anchor bracelet.

The meeting of the jeweler and the skipper

The idea of ​​the jeweler is taking more and more shape during the Vendée Globe. This is how one of his acquaintances in Sables-d'Olonne directed him towards the world of sailing. This same friend also allowed him to meet Arnaud Boissières, freshly returned from his third Vendée Globe.

He then contacted the skipper of La Mie Câline to talk to him about his project. The meeting took place on the best terms in the hangar where the sailor's Imoca was stored. The skipper then offers the jeweler to take the materials he needs for his future creations. Marc-Arnaud Pavageau then noticed inside the sailboat a carbon plate and pieces of boat.

The apotheosis with two exceptional bracelets

Once the materials were gathered, the jeweler proceeded to manufacture the prototype bracelets. His works also obtain the approval of the skipper. (This shows how well the current passed between the two men.) It was only afterwards that he began producing his creations with a view to marketing them.

This unique collection of men's bracelets includes:

  • A stainless steel and carbon bracelet embellished with the famous ends of the sailboat named the 40th Rugissants.
  • A titanium and carbon bracelet called the 50e Hurlants

This is a definitely significant collection, especially for sailing and boating enthusiasts.

Each creation for sale also carries:

  • the Arnaud Boissières logo
  • the mention "Around the world 2016-2017"

Note that Marc-Arnaud Pavageau has only produced 100 numbered pieces for his two bracelets per model, at prices of 650 and 950 euros.

An enhancement mission

This concept also aims to highlight certain values ​​such as the recycling of materials. Similarly, it enhances French craftsmanship by highlighting the quality of a know-how. Indeed, these exceptional bracelets have benefited from particular care in their design, more particularly in the finish. They also reflect the exceptional adventure of the skippers during their race on the sea.

One thing is certain: Marc-Arnaud Pavageau does not plan to stop there. He intends to continue his work by creating new jewelry for men with other sports and other personalities.

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