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When Bloomberg praises bracelets for men

If it was a curiosity a few years ago, an accessory reserved for rebels, misfits and the trendiest guys, jewelry for men has now fully entered into the mores. Even Bloomberg is getting into it, looking back at the history of the men's bracelet, and how it became an essential fashion accessory:

Not so long ago, a man who wore a bracelet in the western world was a curiosity. It could be tolerated, for example if worn by a considerate dad as a gift for Father's Day, or to support a good cause. But in the case of a standard bracelet, its owner was posing as a low-level playboy, a rebel desperate to display his opposition, and so on. Exceptions were rare, for example bracelets.

Men's bracelet: things have changed

But things have changed. Validation of male wrist enhancement began in 2012. According to online site Mr Porter, that was the year that sales of men's accessories took off, launching thus a new trend, that of the men's bracelet. The great exponents of the star system and pop culture led the charge, including Kanye West, David Beckham and Channing Tatum. At the time, it was difficult to find a star without a bracelet, even if they favored more interesting, varied and less heavy models than those worn by another great fan, Johnny Depp.

Simple rules for wearing a men's bracelet

The rule was simple: just don't mix genres. For example, you don't wear a flashy cord bracelet when you're in costume. But even this commandment is in the process of withering, fashion not hesitating to mix genres. Today, the rule is rather: do as you please. You are also spoiled for choice these days. Which doesn't make it any easier.

Beaded bracelets, for a tribal look

Beaded Bracelets, whether in wood, stone or any other material, are ideal for those looking for a tribal look. You will find in the Bijoux4Men store a varied collection of men's pearl bracelets at all prices to bring out the shaman in you.

The leather strap

The leather bracelet and undoubtedly one of the less risky choices among the safe bets of jewellery for men. Even if we find more classy or more casual styles depending on the model, the men's leather bracelet has the advantage of going well with many styles. It allows you to add a casual touch to a formal outfit, or on the contrary to give a more sophisticated look to a casual outfit.

The bangle

The men's bangle bracelet can actually be unisex. This type of bracelet can not be adjusted, it was nevertheless difficult to wear one for men a few years ago, since jewelry manufacturers favored unisex, and therefore reduced sizes. Today, it is even possible for the strong to get a magnificent bangle bracelet in silver or steel. Polished and patinated, there is something for everyone.

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