Petit tour d'horizon des bijoux pour hommes

A brief overview of men's jewelry

It's time to talk about a subject, that of men's jewelry. We love our watches, our perfumes and our clothes, but there are a thousand and one other ways to sophisticate our appearance.

Gender demarcation is a phenomenon that has been going on for quite some time when it comes to clothing. The male wardrobe has become richer, more varied. But when it comes to accessories like jewelry, it hasn't evolved that quickly.

However, how is a piece of jewelery fundamentally different from a watch, more specifically a men's bracelet? There are almost none, the word montre being only the diminutive of "wristwatch", which was made popular by Cartier at the beginning of the 19th century. So there's no reason to be resistant to jewelry for men, it's a way like any other to accessorize.

But all of that is changing, quite rapidly. In one or two years, or even less, this kind of debate around men's jewelry will no longer exist. Men's necklaces, trendy rings and fashionable bracelets: these gentlemen will no longer ask questions. If you have already taken the train, this article will only serve as a reminder. For the others, here is a brief overview of men's jewelry.

Men's jewelry: gold, silver, steel, wood?

The term men's jewelry is oh so generic. Are we talking about jewelry in the classic sense of a silver or gold necklace, or more casual pieces that use natural materials such as wood, stone , fibers or even metals such as steel? It's not the choice that is lacking, so you can turn to pieces in the materials that suit your tastes and the color of your skin.

For a successful look, it is advisable not to mix too much. A gold chain and a fabric bracelet, it's not really a successful association. It is important to have a coherent look.


It's a great classic, but few men wear cufflinks, often considered snobby. Yet it's a great way to add an out-of-the-ordinary touch to your suit jacket. With a small clutch and a bow tie, the effect is guaranteed! You can also wear them as a shirt, it depends.

Men's bracelet

Since it's sort of the instigator of the watch, the men's bracelet is undoubtedly the easiest men's piece of jewelery to wear. If you still have a timepiece on your wrist, it's in your best interest to wear your bracelet on your other arm. For balance and overload reasons.

Still in this philosophy of harmony, it is preferable to wear thin bracelets if you have small wrists. Conversely, you will have to opt for more massive models if your wrists are large. It's exactly the same principle as for watches, you have to choose a model proportional to your size.

Men's necklace

A men's necklace, when well chosen, can quickly become the central element of your look. Larger in size than any other piece of men's jewelry, the necklace sits in the center of your body, which means it's the accessory in your outfit that stands out the most, the one that captures attention.

In addition to the different materials that can make up chains and necklaces, there are different lengths. The choker is more suitable for big guys, while long necklaces are worn with more happiness by more slender men.

You can combine a chain or a necklace with a pendant, as long as there is enough chain length.


Married men had to put up with wearing the ring, whether they liked it or not. They are therefore already used to wearing such a piece of jewelry. The men's ring offers the possibility of slipping something more personal than a wedding band and its legendary sobriety. Signet rings are particularly popular at the moment. Once endowed with an aristocratic connotation due to its origins, the signet today meets many of the requirements of modern jewellery. This type of men's ring is particularly ideal for personalization, the family coat of arms supposed to appear on the signet ring can be replaced by anything you want.

A ring can be worn on any finger of the hand, although a ring on a specific finger may have a special meaning. On the ring finger you are supposedly married. On the middle finger it is a symbol of balance and order (even if it is not the most comfortable finger to wear a ring). The index is linked to Jupiter, symbol of power and authority.

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