Pete Wentz lance sa propre collection de bijoux pour hommes

Pete Wentz launches his own jewelry collection for men

Pete Wentz, this multifaceted American artist who is most famous for being the bassist of the band Fall Out Boy, has just created his own collection of jewelry for men (and women). Currently it is limited to 4 gold or silver.

Pete Wentz's Ronin jewelry

Pete Wentz's collection of men's jewelry is called Ronin. This is a medieval Japanese word meaning "masterless samurai". The collection currently includes 4 jewels:

  • A snake-headed ring dubbed 'Serpens'
  • A pendant for men's necklace entitled "Lunaé
  • A ring signet named "Elliott"
  • A gold locket that can hold a photo ("Cor")

With the exception of the last piece which sells for over $1000, the other silver men's jewelry in the Ronin collection are sold at affordable prices (between $50 and $115). New parts will soon be marketed. For the moment, they are only sold on the online site which showcases jewelry created by Pete Wentz in collaboration with a team from Crush Management.

bague ronin homme

Men's jewelry to combat the fleetingness of life

In this Ronin collection, the bass player of Fall Out Boy wanted to offer jewelry that helps protect yourself:

  • Of the fleetingness of life
  • Of our lives that struggle to find stability
  • On the precedence of the virtual over the real
  • On the ephemeral nature of relationships

These jewels are intended to reflect the personality of their wearer, to be part of each person's personal story, and this over time.

It's clearly been a busy time for Pete Wentz. In addition to working on his collection of men's jewelry and on a new album, he will be going on a major tour next year called Hella Mega Tour. His group Fall Out Boy will be accompanied by Green Day and Weezer.

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