Passez votre costume à la vitesse supérieure avec un nœud papillon

Take your costume to the next level with a bow tie

A bow tie can transform your classic office or evening suit to take the look up a gear. From sober black bow ties to much more daring creations, the bow tie can make even the simplest of costumes much more sophisticated.

noeud pap marin

Another advantage, the bow tie shows that you have a bit of fantasy in you, that you don't take yourself too seriously and that you have a certain inclination to dandyism when it comes to style and fashion.

And, believe it or not, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some of the greatest, and coolest men have worn bow ties: James Bond, Le Corbusier, Carl Max and Stromae. In short, wearing a bow tie is saying: I'm here to have a good time, and I'm not going to sacrifice my style to achieve my goal.

Bijoux4men offers you a varied collection of colorful bow ties that do not go unnoticed. From the Marin's model, which subtly plays on the fantasy card with its small blue anchors on a white background that can be seen behind the main navy blue layer, to models with a retro look like the Liberty Indigo or the daring multicolored Harlequin, you will probably find the bow tie that suits you, from the "original sober" style to the most crazy look.

noeud papillon gris

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