Parfum homme : indispensable de la panoplie de séduction

Men's perfume: essential in the panoply of seduction

When it comes to seduction, having good looks, glowing eyes and being stylish like Lucky Blue Smith aren't always enough. Even if the physical appearance is an undeniable asset, it takes much more to please. Seduction also involves smell.

Indeed, scents can be powerful aphrodisiacs and play an important role in your image. Thus, to impose your sex appeal, opting for a perfume that highlights your qualities and your virility is a must. Moreover, much more than a simple fragrant composition, a fragrance is a weapon of olfactory seduction in its own right. She is able to captivate and inspire love in a subtle, yet immediate way. So, you might as well use and abuse this must-have to drive all these ladies crazy with desire.

Men's perfume: seduction in a bottle

For as long as we can remember, perfume has always been associated with seduction. As early as Ancient Egypt, priests were already burning woods and fragrant resins to seduce the gods and obtain their clemency. Gradually, the Egyptians perfumed themselves with myrrh and olibanum for their aphrodisiac power. Moreover, even today, perfume confirms its place of choice in the arsenal of the seducer. And the reason is simple: the smell plays an essential role in seduction.

Indeed, a woman generally has a more sensitive sense of smell than a man. Your simple smell can therefore be enough to promote rapprochement or, on the contrary, push it away. You probably know the expression "I don't feel it". Well, know that it's not just an expression, there are indeed women who really have a hard time supporting the presence of certain men because of their smell. The sense of smell is therefore the second sense to awaken, after sight.That's why you need to make a good impression in this area so as not to destroy your chances.

How to choose your men's perfume to seduce?

Of course, wearing perfume is not just a question of sex appeal, your perfume is an integral part of your way of being. Thus, the perfume with which you want to seduce must be the one you wear best, with which you feel confident and good about yourself. In other words, a fragrance that makes you lose your head because it fits you like a glove and enhances your natural smell.

First, know that perfume is a mixture of scents that does not react the same way on all skin types. You must therefore choose your fragrance according to your skin type. Then, it is also important that your perfume is in line with your personality traits or the image you want to convey. Don't forget that your perfume is in a way your olfactory signature. For this, it must reveal your identity.

If you have a very virile side and want to highlight your vigorous personality, the powerful accords of leather, spicy and woody fragrances with animal and intoxicating notes are perfect. Intense and warm, these scents affirm your slightly rebellious side. And if you combine this type of perfume with a slightly bad boy look and men's leather bracelets, the effect will definitely be there.

To highlight your charisma and your magnetism in a single "pschitt", the perfumes with oriental scents based on pepper, nutmeg, vanilla, patchouli or benzoin are made for YOU. This family of scents brings an almost sweet side to the fragrance and has a strong aphrodisiac reach. Without forgetting the perfumes with floral and woody notes accompanied by spicy notes that will reveal the complexity of your personality.

Lesson in seduction: the art of wearing good perfume

To be sure of winning hearts, mastering the art and the way of wearing perfume with skill is a must. First of all, know that when you wear perfume, it is strongly advised not to use other scented products at the risk of feeling like the perfume department of a supermarket. At the very least, choose products with approximately the same smell.

Next, in order not to disgust those around you and pass for a casserole, avoid spraying yourself too generously even if it's your favorite perfume. A light spray is enough if you target your body's pulse points well. Such as the back of your ears, most of your elbows or even the inside of your wrists. These areas are perfect for maximizing the hold of your perfume.

You can also apply your fragrance to your chest. This location provides a natural and continuous spread of your fragrance. To do this properly, place a few sprays just between your t-shirt or shirt and your skin. Finally, hair is also a very strategic place. However, to avoid drying out your hair on contact with alcohol, it is better to apply the perfume to your hairbrush. And don't forget one or two spots at most is enough, you don't need to perfume your whole body. This may cause too strong an odor. There is therefore only one rule to remember: "use little perfume, but use good perfume".

Our favorite perfumes

Now that you know how to use a fragrance as a weapon of mass seduction, here are the top 3 perfumes for men that women are sure to love. And it doesn't matter how old they are. At the top of the list, Invictus eau de toilette. This perfume signed Paco Rabanne is particularly bewitching thanks to its woody and aromatic freshness. A single pschitt is enough to give goosebumps.

In second place, Terre d'Hermès eau de parfum. It is very appreciated by women for its very natural side. These notes of pepper and pink berries give it a lot of character. It is a very masculine fragrance specially designed for men of character.

Finally, the Handsome male of Jean Paul Gautier who holds a special place in the hearts of the fairer sex. This fragrance offers intense freshness and unparalleled sensuality. It also strengthens your male power and affirms your personality like a magic wand. In addition, this fragrance smells divine.

Last bit of advice:perfume should only be applied to clean skin. On this point, there is no possible compromise.

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