Nœud papillon : tendances 2019

Bow Tie: 2019 Trends

The pap knot is popular. In addition to the timeless black bow tie that we see on the occasion of award ceremonies or in formal evenings, it is above all an offbeat and original accessory that can be worn on any occasion, in very varied forms. But what are the bow ties that will be all the rage in 2019? Here is a small preview of the models that should shade the tie a little more this year.

The floral bow tie

Winter is almost over, which means we can already prepare for spring, the season of nature's renewal. What could be more appropriate to wear this season than a floral bow tie? That's good, it's a particularly fashionable model, which allows you to make knots with a wide range of colors and patterns.

This type of bow tie has the advantage of being able to be worn in many circumstances, whether it's everyday to add a crazy touch to a casual jeans/shirt outfit, or for a special occasion such as a party or a wedding.

Bow tie made of natural materials

The traditional bow tie is made of fabric, usually cotton or possibly silk, satin or linen. But to spice it all up, some designers do not hesitate to use natural materials such as feathers or wood. This trick allows, in addition to the shape and the colors, to add a new creative dimension to the bow tie. Unprecedented texture, atypical volume, the bow tie in natural feathers reinforces the quirky character of the bow tie. It's especially a great way to stand out at a bow tie themed party!

The XL bow tie

If there's one accessory that we identify with clowns, besides oversized shoes, it's the XL bow tie. But why the hell dress like a clown, won't it hurt your image? Nay! Wearing a bow tie shows that you don't take yourself too seriously, that you have a sense of humor. So why not go all out and opt for an oversized bow tie? While your peers have dipped a foot into the bow tie pool, be bolder than them and go all the way!

Bow tie day 2019

And for the record, did you know that the bow tie has a day allotted to it? Indeed, August 28 is "official" bow tie day. The instigators of this movement not only encourage men to wear a bow tie on August 28, 2019, but also women and pets! Whatever you do at the end of August, you are strongly encouraged to wear a bow tie, whether it's to do your shopping, take a trip in a blimp, go to the movies or for a walk. at the park.

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