Nœud papillon : quel message véhicule cet accessoire homme ?

Bow tie: what message does this men's accessory convey?

A reader of an Arkansas newspaper, after seeing a politician with a bow tie that made a good impression on him, wondered if he should wear a bow tie to the occasion of his next summons to court. After all, what message does this men's accessory convey, he asks? That's the response from the publication's fashion specialist.

What message does a paw tie send?

This is an excellent question. Indeed, it allows me to reflect on my opinion that our clothes and accessories send messages that are both non-verbal and clear to the outside world. I've been saying for years that the way we dress is a simple way to project a certain image, to stand above the fray, to stand out.

When George Kent showed up in a bow tie during his recent testimony on Capitol Hill, he immediately came across as being different from the other people who were in in the room. His individualized look made him stand out from other men who wore a tie. It was no coincidence. It was a well-considered choice, which aimed to have a specific effect. He was meant to pose as a teacher, as a trustworthy person. Like you said, he looked smart.

The impressions given by the bow tie

It is clear that the bow tie can be associated with certain types of people. However, the effect is not always the same. The bow tie can sometimes represent eccentricity, sometimes a nerdy look, or even gentleman. But there are things that are discarded immediately, for example the image of the thug or the gangster. The person who wears a bow tie, even before opening his mouth, has managed to capture the attention of the public, to project an image of seriousness, honesty and integrity. If you have to appear in court, the bow tie is therefore an excellent choice to establish your credibility.

In the case that concerns us, not only the choice of the pap node of Mr. Kent was thoughtful, but also the model. In a room full of Republicans wearing ties representing all shades of red and Democrats wearing ties representing all shades of blue, Mr. Kent chose a bow tie with abstract patterns in yellow and blue. The knot was also somewhat asymmetrical, to show that it had been tied by hand. And to better reinforce this professorial appearance, he had chosen to associate it with a 3-piece Old School suit. Actually, all he needed was the pipe and the elbow pads!

Her look was almost perfect, with one exception. The clutch matching the pattern of her bow tie is not my favorite. It's a little cheap, little boy in a matching suit. These clutches are often sold with the bow tie, but for me they should never be worn together. As with every rule there is an exception, you can match a bow tie and a pocket square when they are white or plain black.

Other tricks for a sophisticated look

Wearing a bow tie, whether in court, at a party or work, is one of 1000 ways to express a message through your clothing. Here are more tips to sophisticate your look:

  • Buy vintage cufflinks
  • Wearing the best shoes you can afford
  • Go regularly to a renowned hairdresser. Women pay a lot of attention to their hair, this is very rarely the case with men. While it is essential to have a neat look
  • Feel free to add patterned suit jackets (checks, stripes, etc.) to your wardrobe.), in order to be able to wear a slightly more sporty look when necessary
  • It's good to have a few pointed collar shirts on hand for a change from the ordinary
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