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Bow tie: the perfect Christmas gift

Looking for an original men's gift for the holidays? How about a bow tie! This accessory is all the rage, even if it means overshadowing the tie... Much more original than pairs of socks, a belt or a sweater, but just as useful, the bow tie is a perfect Christmas present. Whether it's for your man, your dad, a colleague or just for yourself.

The bow tie, we tear it off

Long reserved for originals or personalities who have made it a distinctive sign, the bow tie is in the process of asserting itself to become essential. All you have to do is take a look at the blogs devoted to men's fashion, on sites that allow you to take the pulse of the latest trends like Instagram, to make this relentless observation: the bow tie is in.

Widely used at formal evenings and at cocktail parties to embellish gala outfits, it now takes multiple and colorful forms to accompany any style of dress, from absolute classicism to casual style embellished with a colorful shirt.

The secret to wearing a bow tie well

The bow tie does not necessarily have to be associated with a particular look. The most important thing is that it fits in harmony with the rest of your outfit, especially in terms of colors. For example, choosing the color of your bow tie so that it is consistent with the tone of a bracelet for men will allow you to obtain a harmonious style, and to reinforce the impact of the bow tie. That's good, the bow tie comes in a multitude of variants.

It is also important to choose the correct size. "Small heads" will avoid large bow ties, which are the hallmark of clowns. The more massive your face, the higher you can go up in size.

It's also about being comfortable with your bow tie, there's no need to impose a style on yourself that doesn't suit you. If you are hesitant, start with a sober model, for example a plain bow tie. And when you're comfortable with your new men's accessory, nothing prevents you from trying more daring things.

A bow tie for Christmas or New Year's Eve?

You probably don't want to build up a large collection of bow ties. In this case, the easiest way to compose a harmonious look is to choose the rest of your outfit according to the bow you plan to wear.

Whether for New Year's Eve or for Christmas, a men's bow tie is certainly an excellent way to mark the occasion by playing the card of both originality and trends current in terms of men's fashion. Discover in our online store a myriad of bow ties at the best value for money on the market.

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