Nœud papillon en nacre, une première made in France

Mother-of-pearl bow tie, a first made in France

The bow tie is so popular that it is now available in more original variations than the next. A resolutely festive accessory for men (or women, for that matter), it allows for all fantasies. And when the choice of a colorful fabric is not enough, you can play with materials, sometimes improbable (feathers, wood, metal, etc.). Today, it is around the mother-of-pearl bow tie to see the light of day, under the impetus of 2 French people from Tahiti.

Tahiti mother-of-pearl bow tie

If the idea of ​​creating a mother-of-pearl bow tie came to Tahiti, it was 2 French people from metropolitan France who were behind this initiative. Today, no less than 35 models are available for sale. But what is the genesis of this unique pap knot in the world? One of the 2 friends, who likes to be on top of the trends in men's fashion, had the idea 3 years ago of having 2 mother-of-pearl bow ties made.

He was already used to wearing atypical bow ties, for example in wood. He was able to materialize this idea of ​​a mother-of-pearl bow tie after placing a special order with a Tahitian engraver.

And when he wore one of his 2 models, he only received compliments. People even asked him where he bought it, which gave him the idea of ​​marketing his find. Back in mainland France, he told his best friend about it. He has agreed to drop everything in mainland France to embark on the adventure of the mother-of-pearl bow tie in Tahiti.

The preferred local sector

For the 2 entrepreneurs, it is essential to honor local raw materials as well as the know-how of Tahiti. For the moment, their company collaborates with 3 engravers, and only supplies local pearls. The 2 native Bordelais are also looking for other craftsmen, with their own touch, to create distinctive models.

Although their product range is currently focused on bow ties, they don't intend to stop there. Fare O Pepe, as this is the name of their company, aims to become a house specializing in male accessories in mother-of-pearl. For now, it also offers cufflinks and money clips.

How to wear this mother-of-pearl bow tie?

According to its creators, there is nothing easier than wearing a mother-of-pearl bow tie. Thanks to the reflections of the pearls, this men's accessory is suitable for any outfit. Unlike other original bow ties (metal or wood), this accessory can be matched with any color of shirt.

And even if the budget for such a bow tie is substantial (from 124 and 389 €), they go just as well with a casual style as a distinguished one. For a wedding, for a ceremony or a simple evening, this accessory blends seamlessly into its environment.

The prices are assumed by the 2 entrepreneurs: they target the luxury market by offering a unique product, quality materials and finishes with great craftsmanship. They even aim to make even more exclusive models by creating jewelry bow ties, set with precious stones, in collaboration with artisan jewellers. The objective is ambitious: to create an international luxury brand in a niche market.

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