Nirwaana lance une collection de bijoux pour hommes

Nirwaana launches a men's jewelry collection

Wearing jewelry is becoming more and more natural for a man. Jewelers who do not offer a men's or unisex collection are increasingly rare. From now on, it is around the Indian online jeweler Nirwaana to launch its own collection of jewelry for men.

Handmade men's jewelry

Nirwaana is a premium Indian brand that sells its jewelry exclusively online. The jeweler also stands out for the artisanal character of its pieces. Indeed, all the jewels are handcrafted by its jewelers. We are therefore a long way from mass production in the factory. Most jewelry is made of solid silver. The house also uses semi-precious stones for some of its creations.

Besides surfing on a contemporary trend, Nirwaana's decision marks a return to tradition in a way. Indeed, we do not forget that the Indian Maharajas were among the first men to proudly wear jewelry. And in their head, it was not a question of sporting a discreet men's bangle bracelet. On the contrary, they liked to wear massive jewels set with huge precious stones.

Matching minimalist jewelry for men and women

Discussing the launch of this new collection of men's jewelry, the brand's founder, Priyanka Thakur, said: " The welcome and love that our jewelry has received is amazing so far. We are very proud to now offer something new to our customers with this "for him and for her" collection. This is a very special collection for us. We continue to ride the trend of minimalism from the latest collection. Since the covid, we can clearly see the return of the leitmotif less is more. Nirwaana now offers a specific range of men's jewelry, as well as a collection for couples. It features matching jewelry, for him and for her, that share the same spirit. As for their style, I'd say it's classy yet classic. This is an ideal gift idea. »

Concerning these jewellery for couples, there are in particular cufflinks for the gentleman matched with silver earrings for the lady. The jewels are decorated with blue lapis lazuli, onyx and hematites.

Men's leather bracelets are coming

The Nirwaana men's jewelry collection will soon expand with the arrival of new pieces. In particular men's leather bracelets, or rings for him set with semi-precious stones or minerals such as amethyst, garnet, malachite, etc.

On his website, Nirwaana gives basic tips for wearing men's jewelry properly:

  • Wear pieces that give you confidence
  • To start, choose simple/classic pieces, or masculine jewelry that is in perfect harmony with your personal style
  • Avoid overloading
  • Choose jewelry for men that is proportional to your size
  • Avoid mixing metals
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