Mode masculine : les vêtements amples sont de retour

Men's fashion: loose clothing is back

For some of us, wearing clothes too big is a childhood obsession that needs to be rid of. Indeed, our parents tended to buy sweaters and trousers a size larger, or even more, " because at that age you grow so fast ". With the fashion for on the body having passed, we are witnessing the return of the "it will grow with" on the catwalks. Even if the risk, formerly vertical, is more horizontal today.

The baggy garment to the point of ridicule

It's been a while since the brands of menswear have opted for more comfortable cuts. But, on the designer side, the fashion for large has taken on disproportionate proportions. In particular, we were able to discover at Thom Browne clown jackets of titanic dimensions. And since to stand out you don't have to be in the middle, you have the choice between skinny and very loose.

Oversize, less embarrassing than skinny

This new men's fashion still has an advantage: it causes less of a stir than skinny jeans. It must be said that jeans that are too tight can be embarrassing for certain morphologies, or in certain situations. This kind of problem does not arise with the open sea, that goes without saying. The ideal, to avoid giving the impression of having borrowed clothes from your brother who is much bigger than you, is to skilfully combine a large piece with another garment with a normal fit.

The loose style, which tends to be adopted instinctively by less built body types, is an advantage for those who are not fans of the gym.

This trend is not new: it was already very popular in the 90s. It is now making a resounding comeback in the world of men fashion.

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