Mode masculine : les tendances des années 80 qui n'ont pas pris une ride

Men's Fashion: '80s Trends That Haven't Aged

While trends come and go, some survive the cycles that decide what's in and what's out. Those who are particularly fond of the 80s era can carry on this spirit through their way of dressing with these retro styles that are still very relevant in 2018.

The 80s were a decade of opulence. Bigger and stronger, that's how we could sum it up, whether in terms of shape, colors... As for the fairer sex, fashion was for ultra-short miniskirts and very loose sleeves, all embellished with bright colors. But men's fashion also left its mark on the 80s. From denim jackets to bomber jackets to turtlenecks, there are still many things that can be found in stores today. Here are some fashion trends that are still good to follow today:

Flashy swimwear

If there's one place where, as a man, you can afford daring colors without compromising your style, it's on the beach. The fashion for flashy swimwear appeared in the 80s. Since then, they have imposed themselves without discussion. You won't have 36 chances to wear something fuchsia without being the subject of derogatory comments, so take advantage of it! Among its range of men's jewellery, Bijoux4Men has coloured bracelets perfect for the beach, such as a men's cord bracelet.

The T-shirt underneath the costume

How do you breathe class without necessarily looking like one of those executives on the way to the office for 8 hours? By wearing a nice suit, by dropping the tie of course, but above all by replacing the shirt with a T-shirt. It's both youthful and sophisticated. This fashion continues today, even inviting itself into the world of work. Add to that a watch and a silver bracelet on the other wrist and you'll really have class.

The denim jacket

A real must-have in men's fashion from the 80s, the denim jacket continues to win over fans in 2018. It is ideal to wear with trousers in the same material, and if possible with a pair of Converse.

Bomber it

Derived from aviation and baseball, it was during the 1980s that the bomber became popular in mainstream fashion, after marginalized people began to wear it in the 1980s. 70. In the 2000s, it was the turn of the hip-hop community to appropriate this men's clothing. Kanye West is notably a big fan. If someone so influential adores it, you can only succumb. And why not complete your outfit with a skull bracelet? Guaranteed effect.

The tracksuit

Walking around in a training suit would have been unthinkable before the 80s. But with the emergence of musical movements like hip-hop, streetwear is developed, by offering a place of choice to accessories formerly reserved for sports practice in the wardrobe of gentlemen. Today, no one looks back on someone in a tracksuit going shopping. This is done, and the tracksuit has the advantage of being very comfortable.

The polo shirt

For followers of a minimalist style, the polo is a true chameleon of menswear. He is as comfortable with a dressy style as with a casual one. If there's one men's item of clothing from the 80s that hasn't aged a bit, it's the polo shirt. The Lacoste and Ralph Lauren brands are not going to contradict us. As a result, many types of men's bracelets go perfectly with such an outfit.

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