Même le Financial Times évoque le succès des bracelets homme

Even the Financial Times talks about the success of men's bracelets

The man of 2017 asserts himself through totally assumed looks that are sometimes hipster, sometimes bobo or trendy. In addition to ready-to-wear, jewelry is all the rage with men. In recent years, wrists have even been adorned with bracelets. This did not escape the notice of the Financial Times reporters (just that!).

Besides, who hasn't been challenged and seduced by Nike's FuelBand smart bracelet? Or by any accessory of the same spirit that combines both style and technology? But, in the absence of a smart bracelet, trendy men have not hesitated to adopt the same style with rubber bracelets, leather bracelets or even steel bracelets.

Jewellers are democratizing men's bracelets

This craze for men's bracelets soon prompted jewelers to create bracelets in various shapes and materials. This ranges from more classic and elegant models offered by the great designers to more whimsical models that are relatively mysterious. Men do not hesitate to invest in silver bracelets, which they can wear for any occasion. They are quite right. Who says you always need a designer watch to accessorize a suit? It was necessary to upset the dress codes to be in the trend for contemporary men. And then, a man in a suit and tie who wears a bracelet is perfectly acceptable.

Leather, men's favorite material

Masculine, virile, leather attracts men. A leather bracelet is comfortable to wear in summer and winter alike. It breaks up formal outfits with elegance, and adds a classy note to a casual look. But what he doesn't like is the humidity. And a refined man probably wouldn't like to smell wet leather all day. The must with a men's leather bracelet is that it suits everyone. It will therefore make an exceptional gift.

In addition, whether the model is simple, braided, round or flat, or combined with silver for example, it will be associated always wonderfully with a watch on the same wrist. For this reason, many brands (American, Indonesian, Italian, etc.) favor it.

Glass beads, a typically masculine trend

In recent years, men's bracelets made of glass beads have been very successful, especially in Miami. Launched by Luis Morais, a jewelry designer, glass bead bracelets have seduced more than one. And for good reason ! They come in different colors (matte black, silver, blue, ivory, etc.). Sometimes they are even associated with a small pendant or another material such as copper. The rope, on the other hand, is in principle elastic. And, men like to wear them sometimes solo, sometimes layered.

A nod to identification bracelets

Identification bracelets are also popular with men. Ann Dexter-Jones, a British stylist and designer working in New York, is one of the jewelers who launched this trend. Its collection of silver identification bracelets has grown from four models to more than 100 combinations (white, red or black onyx, lapis, turquoise). Carefully adorned with precious stones such as diamonds or sapphires, her bracelets are snapped up at exorbitant prices. Sold in a dozen stores around the world, Dexter-Jones bracelets can be found on the wrists of celebrities, businessmen and all the fashionable men.

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