Mejuri lance une collection de bijoux homme

Mejuri launches a collection of men's jewelry

In the world of jewelry, there are 2 central themes at the moment. First, openness to the world of men's jewelry. Indeed, more and more pieces are also intended to garnish the wrists, necks and fingers of these gentlemen. Second, the affordability of jewelry takes precedence as the economic consequences of the pandemic eat away at consumers' purchasing power. Mejuri understood that. This women's jewelry brand has just launched, and it's a first, a men's jewelry collection. Jewelry that is offered, as usual, at attractive prices.

Mejuri men's jewelry: 9 pieces for this first collection

To mark its entry into the deep end of men's jewelry, Mejuri has developed a collection of 9 pieces that use different noble materials. For example:

chevalière en titane

With prices starting at $60 for the Popcorn chain men's bracelet, these are genuinely inexpensive men's jewellery, given the quality of the raw materials. The Titanium Signet Ring (above) is priced at an affordable $125. The most expensive piece of jewelry in the lot is $595 (22 inch 14k gold chain).

They were released yesterday, October 5, 2020. But it might be difficult to get a coin, since they were revealed as early as October 1. In fact, there can be more than 100,000 pre-orders on a Mejuri jewel...

About Mejuri Jewelry

The current concept of Mejuri was launched in 2015 in Canada by Noura Sakkijha, of Jordanian origin. But the creation of the company dates back to the 1950s. Sakkijha indeed represents the 3rd generation of a long-standing family jewelry tradition. It uses the concept of direct-to-consumer sales. His warhorse ? Offer luxury jewelry at affordable prices. But also new things that never stop: new pieces are unveiled every week.

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