Les vêtements homme en lin, idéal quand l’été est chaud !

Linen men's clothing, ideal when the summer is hot!

On a sunny seaside, by the swimming pool, on a terrace in the city center or at the wheel of a BMW convertible. We can fully experience summer when we feel good in our clothes. You know, the kind of clothing that is so suitable for the summer season. So, exit the synthetic, wool and cashmere. We gladly opt for linen men's clothing that offers a fresh feeling of well-being and a feeling of lightness from morning to evening. Perfect for hot summer days!

Linen men's clothing: guaranteed freshness!

Believe it or not, a linen shirt will keep you cooler than a synthetic fiber tank top. For what ? Quite simply because linen is a very good thermal regulator. Indeed, it perfectly retains heat in winter and allows air to pass through in summer. What you avoid feeling compress in the middle of summer. Also, thanks to its exceptional absorption capacity, this very soft material benefits from an antiperspirant property. This guarantees you, in short, optimal freshness even under a blazing sun.

And that's not all! Hypoallergenic, linen is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. On the other hand, materials such as nylon or elastane not only promote humidity, but they also give off odors that would scare away even flies. To absolutely avoid during a heat wave!

In short, to take full advantage of the beautiful season without looking like a mop, it is better to opt for linen clothes. They will be able to cope with summer temperatures and minimize the inconvenience associated with the heat.

Fashion tips for choosing the right linen clothes

As with any other garment, the choice of your linen clothes must correspond to your morphology. You must therefore choose clothes appropriate to your size. Especially when it comes to choosing your linen pants. Indeed, the latter must not yawn at the waist. Besides, if you are tall and slender, you absolutely must bet on clothes that are not too baggy. And this, in order to highlight your silhouette and not give the impression of floating in it as if you were the sail of a ship.

Also know that the cut of your clothes is a crucial detail to optimize your well-being. You will then agree that it is better to avoid cuts that are too close to the body in summer. As far as possible, it is better to avoid linen shirts that are too fitted and linen pants that are too slim. The ideal would be to choose semi-fitted cuts that let you move as you see fit without having a parachute effect in the back. For pants, favor straight cuts, but which narrow at the ankles. As for linen shirts and jackets, the shoulder seam should fall exactly at the drop point of the shoulder without squeezing your arm too much.

Finally, when it comes to colors, linen clothing for summer 2018 is meant to be fun and colorful. Therefore, to bring a good mood to your outfits, turn to light-colored linen clothes. Like pastel, pale pink, white, sky blue or even navy blue. However, to avoid looking like a rainbow, always remember to accompany your colorful garment with a more sober top or bottom

Men's clothing: how to wear linen this summer?

Let's be honest, although linen offers many advantages, especially in periods of high heat, it does not always have a very glamorous image behind it. In fact, very used during ancient Egypt, linen was used a lot in the process of mummification of the pharaohs. That's enough to put off more than one!

However, rest assured, once you have mastered all the art of wearing this fabric with style, you will realize that this material does not have as bad a reputation as it seems. Especially since this material can be worn in a thousand and one ways. For a casual chic style, you can pair your linen shirt with pretty flat shorts, short enough to wear with low-top white leather sneakers. And to take your look to a whole new level, don't hesitate to pair it with a white denim jacket and a black leather bracelet. Guaranteed effect!

Furthermore, if you want to bring a bit of freshness to your outfit, linen trousers in natural shades such as beige or white complemented by a printed T-shirt, a pair of leather or suede sandals and a men's bracelet in braided cord will do the trick.On the other hand, if you want a more classic look, opt for a very light linen jacket to wear over a fancy shirt with jeans or chinos in a sober color. Le all enhanced with penny loafers or derbies for a youthful and dynamic look.

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