Les stars indiennes popularisent les bijoux pour hommes

Indian stars popularize jewelry for men

Here is proof that the rise in the popularity of jewelry for men is international. In India, where gold is highly regarded as a store of value and an outward sign of wealth, a Tollywood male star has just launched his own jewelry collection for men, dubbed the Men's Club Collection.

Men's bracelets, necklaces, rings...

Actor Prosenjit Chatterjee has just presented a large collection of men's accessories, including both common things such as belts or watches, but also bracelets, necklaces and rings. These men's jewellery have been designed with the expertise of the Shyam Sundar Co. Jewelers chain. The actor took advantage of his latest film to promote it.

He said, "Musicians wearing jewellery, this is a trend that was introduced by our national Bappi Lahiri". This line includes both solid and light jewelry, in gold and sometimes set with diamonds. The collection is made up of men's bracelets, chains, rings, tie pins, pens, key rings...

Men's jewelry that doesn't question masculinity

The manager of the jeweler who makes the jewelry said: “When we think of jewelry, we think of the women who wear it. We tend to believe that jewelry questions the masculinity of man. However, this new collection Men's Club Collection is unique. It offers common men's accessories such as watches, but also necklaces. We offer everything that appeals to modern men. Through this collection, we offer a new angle of perception for men's jewelry. »

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