Les spécificités de la mode masculine à prendre en compte pour s'habiller

The specifics of men's fashion to take into account when dressing

Fashion tends more and more to break codes, to erase the boundaries that separate women's fashion from men's fashion. However, when it comes to men's trends, things are changing more slowly. The possibilities of letting go are fewer, so you might as well jump on all the good opportunities that present themselves. Wide pants, a bracelet...

This conservatism is especially visible in terms of clothing. As far as accessories are concerned, it's a little more free. Even if men's jewellery needed many years to assert itself, and the return to favor of the bow tie is happening gradually. Estan Eghtessadi, boss of the Essentiel brand, explains how menswear is different.

Men's fashion doesn't rush

Even if we are beginning to see an acceleration of movement, men's fashion displays a propensity to be frozen. Trends take much longer to assert themselves than on the feminine side. What are the big trends right now? According to Eghtessadi, menswear is becoming decidedly more casual, so say goodbye to pure classicism. This trend can also be explained by the fact that men were not obsessed with the way they dressed. This search for conformity was therefore not likely to encourage creativity on the side of brands. With this change in mentality brought about by the younger generations, things are changing.

How to be fashionable when you're a middle-aged man?

Men's fashion is of course changing at varying speeds depending on the age group targeted. Among young people it is more dynamic. Does that mean you have to dress like a teenager when you're 40 or older? Obviously not. On the other hand, Esfan Eghtessadi maintains that it is always possible to borrow here and there an idea that is all the rage among young people. For example, there is no question of wearing pants that are twice too wide. On the other hand, we can very well consider the hood that protrudes from a jacket for a little cool effect without passing for a quadra who thinks he is a 16-year-old kid.

Oversize fashion requires you to review your shoes

Today's men's fashion is oversized, or loose clothing, which is often quite raw. This type of clothing means that you also have to review your shoes, at the risk of being famously mismatched. A pair of Stan Smiths would look great with wide velvet pants. On the contrary, opt for shoes with thick soles that go perfectly with this more raw style.

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