Les poches, on n'en a jamais assez

The pockets, we never have enough

Even if the men's bag has its followers among men, it is still more common to slip your keys or wallet into your pockets. Since the appearance of the mobile phone, pockets have become an even more precious commodity on the side of our pants or our jackets.

Clothing, aesthetic but above all practical

Since the dawn of time, clothing has fulfilled an aesthetic function, but above all a practical one. For example, the men's jeans originally had 4 pockets. When the pocket watch became popular with men, the manufacturer Levis innovated by inventing the 5th pocket, baptized in English “watch pocket”, in reference to its initial use. It did not disappear with the adoption of the watch leather strap. Today, it's more the pocket for condoms or small change... but men's fashion designers are now faced with another need, that generated by the mobile phone.

Fashion evolves with technology and our habits

When they first appeared, mobile phones could certainly be carried, but often even the most generous of pockets was not enough to accommodate them. With advances in miniaturization, fashion has shifted towards the most compact devices possible, capable of slipping into the smallest of pockets.

Then appeared the smartphone, a veritable pocket computer. The number of quality applications likely to be carried out comfortably having exploded, the screen began to grow. Admittedly we are very far from the thickness of the early mobile phones, but in terms of length and height we are not very far. Hence the need to offer menswear pockets adapted to this new situation.

Men's clothing has many pockets

This utilitarian need is visible in the latest developments in men's fashion: ready-to-wear pieces are multiplying the pockets, sometimes even to excess. But, after all, better is too much than too little. Moreover, if there is one thing that these ladies envy us in clothing, it is the pockets, since they are supposed to walk around constantly with a handbag.

There is another reason for the lack of pockets on these ladies' clothes: when they are full, they don't really show off the garment or the wearer. And when a dress or a shirt has pockets, they are most often fake! This seemingly secondary subject is nevertheless taken very seriously by some. Everyone has their problems. For us men, it's already in the pocket.

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