Les Oscars des plus beaux bijoux homme vont à…

The Oscars for the most beautiful men's jewelry go to...

During the Oscars ceremony, it is often the female stars and their jewels shining with 1000 lights that are the object of all eyes. On the occasion of the 2019 edition, Lady Gaga did not go unnoticed with her 128-carat Tiffany & Co diamond, as did Charlie Theron with his Bulgari diamonds.

But this year, the men dared to overshadow these ladies. Abandoning the traditional cufflinks, they opted for more ostentatious accessories. Here are the Oscars awarded to men who dared to wear jewelry that did not go unnoticed.

Spike Lee

We told you about it in a previous article, Spike Lee showed up at the ceremony with a Scognamiglio men's necklace featuring a huge pendant in the shape of the singer's Love Symbol Prince. The whole thing was gold, just like his custom-made Jordan shoes.

Pharrell Williams

In a totally different style, but just as daring, Pharrell Williams had opted for 2 choker necklaces worn in accumulation. A model he created in collaboration with Chanel, as well as another from Jacob & Co.

Jason Momoa

Aquaman himself showed up to the Oscars wearing a pink velvet suit from Karl Lagerfeld, and an array of eclectic jewelry for men. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, notably with a skull, Jason was accessorized from head to toe.

Michael Jordan

In addition to a classic Piaget men's watch, Michael Jordan showed up with diamond rings, brooches on his Tom Ford velvet suit and diamond earrings. All this on the advice of her stylist, Ade Samuel.

Billy Porter

With a crazy androgynous look, Billy Porter wore lots of jewelry throughout the evening, all from the New York fashion house Oscar Heyman. Brooch, diamond ring, necklace… almost everything has been there.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert, who had the honor of opening the 91th Oscars in history, showed up wearing a Tom Ford suit, an Alexander McQueen shirt, but above all a set of diamond earrings.

In conclusion

The 91st Academy Awards confirms that gender lines are increasingly blurred, with men increasingly wearing the now classic masculine jewelry that is bracelets, necklaces and rings, but also more daring pieces such as earrings, brooches and other jewelry models that could very well be worn by the fairer sex.

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