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Jewellery: an essential fashion accessory in 2016

Farewell to big bracelets and shiny-gold-chains (on a hairy chest)… We forget the clichés of virility: when it comes to jewelry for men, a long way has been covered! From now on, the jewel is a sign of refinement for the one who wears it. Provided it is well chosen, and matches her outfit. A look back at the success of these new men's accessories.

bannière bracelet wrap

Initially, there was nothing. Or almost...

Fashion accessories for men are relatively new. For years, men have been asked to dress uniformly, and not try to stand out: "don't be original or everyone will think you're being fussy", "please leave matters of style and rags to your wives"...

To "not be fussy" therefore, men have limited themselves to watches, belts, and even cufflinks for the most elegant. So certainly, the 80s opened the door to gold chains and large bracelets, but the trend quickly lost momentum. (luckily, right?)

It is only recently, with the rise of men's fashion brands and specialized magazines, that men's jewelery has been elevated to the rank of men's fashion accessory.

An elegant bracelet enhances an outfit in the same way as a beautiful watch. This is the trend: we are more likely to choose a fancy men's bracelet than an imposing solid silver bracelet. Bracelet, ring, necklace or pendant: these accessories affirm a personality and a look.

Okay, but how do you choose?

Youou will find all kinds of men's jewelry: from the most elegant, to the biggest trinket the fashion world has ever worn.

To make an informed choice, you can trust Bijoux 4 Men. Our men's jewelry store selects quality accessories, which really correspond to the trends of the moment. All models are chosen by Stéphane, our style hunter. The latter unearths jewelry that can match different styles of men: chic, casual, sporty, rock, urban, etc.

In 2016 add the right jewelry to your wardrobe!

Here again, we can play the accumulation, and wear several necklaces of different colors. Goodwwod NYC necklaces are available in different colors, from the most neutral to the most flashy.

Here is a small overview of our models. There are still many other trends to discover on our site such as the Lapp bracelet, the recycled bracelet

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