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Ways to wear the bow tie

If the bow tie is a fun male accessory that can be integrated into various outfits, it is still necessary to respect certain rules in order to do it with taste. How to choose your shirt, the other clothes associated with the bow tie? Should you choose a model pre-tied or to tie, a sober or colorful bow tie? Here are some tips on how to wear the bow tie.

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Bow tie to tie or pre-tied?

One of the first questions you'll ask yourself before buying a bow tie is: self-tied bow tie or pre-tied? There really isn't a better choice. While the self-tie bow tie is obviously more authentic, it's also less practical. If this is your first bow tie, it may be wiser to opt for a pre-tied model. Not only is it easier, but these designs tend to be cheaper as self-tie bow ties tend to be at the higher end.

If the virus takes hold of you, you can always tie a bow tie later. If it will take some practice to master the technique, it is not insurmountable either. As an example, it's no more complicated than the tie knot.

What shirt with a bow tie?

An essential accessory for big gala evenings, the bow tie has the advantage of being able to go with many outfits. The only imperative is to wear it with a shirt. A simple white shirt with a wing collar for an event like a New Year's party, or an everyday shirt with a French collar, for example.

As for the collar, it is important to choose a shirt that has a collar suitable for wearing a bow tie. The most common French collar is suitable for almost all bow ties. The club collar and narrow collar are some of the other types of shirt collars that pair well with a bow tie. On the other hand, English collars and Italian collars should be avoided.

Of course, you also have to match the colors and patterns of the shirt to the bow tie. If the latter is particularly colorful, it is in your best interest to opt for a simple plain shirt in order to avoid overloading. On the contrary, if you have opted for a shirt with very cheerful patterns, you will have to opt for a wiser bow tie, preferably plain.

How to dress with a bow tie

As discussed above, the bow tie can be worn with a very casual outfit or when you are on your 31. Heaps of models likely to satisfy all the requirements are on sale online or in shop. Jeans or dress pants, it's up to you.

On the other hand, it is preferable to abstain when it comes to the suit waistcoat. Unless you want to look specifically for this effect, it will be too waiter. Ditto for the suspenders, unless you want to look for a geek effect which will then be very successful.

For the rest, as usual, you have to aim for harmony. With wide lapels, we can turn to larger bow ties. Ditto for the size of the collar, which should be kept proportional to the bow tie.


Consensual or crazy, the bow tie is a masculine accessory that's easy to incorporate into one's wardrobe, whether it's for an occasional change from everyday life or for a distinctive style of clothing.

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