Les bracelets qui expriment le mieux la masculinité

The bracelets that best express masculinity

We may go towards the unisex trend, or even the androgyne, but aesthetically it's not to everyone's taste. Men for whom masculinity is important in terms of style, however, need not worry about wearing a bracelet.

If in the minds of some jewelry is something that is reserved for the opposite sex, it is probably that they are not familiar with the offer in men's bracelets. You can find everything: unisex bracelets, but also models that bring out the male side of everyone. In this article, we offer you to review the most masculine men's bracelets.

Metal bracelets (bangles and chains)

What could be more masculine than a steel bracelet or a silver chain bracelet or ring . Drawing its sources from the military tradition, this type of men's bracelet is perfect for adding a dose of virility to your wrist. Steel or silver, because of their simplicity and symbol of solidity, are perfect materials for men's jewelry. The metal can be worked to reinforce its raw character, or to add texture to the bracelet.

Leather bracelets

What could be more masculine, besides metal, than leather? During antiquity, the soldiers of the Greek and Roman armies wore a leather bracelet, which was in a way the ancestor of the identification plate. Legend also says that the famous gladiator Spartacus wore a leather bracelet. This raw material can give many models of men's leather bracelet: the famous Spartan bracelet, twisted leather bracelets, double wrap models, accumulation in combination or not with other materials (beads, metal, etc.). With the exception of more unisex fine models, the men's leather strap most of the time exudes a large dose of virility.

Pearl bracelets (shamballa and rosary)

There are also eminently masculine models in men's beaded bracelets. This is particularly the case when using onyx or another black material, with a manly detail such as a solid silver pearl or a skull. We can also play on the accumulation in order to give a more massive set. This type of men's bracelet is currently very popular, in particular because of the stacking possibilities it offers, which also allows you to personalize your look even more.

The fabric strap

Ideal for summer, the fabric bracelet lets you play with colors and patterns. It is therefore ideal for wearing a men's bracelet on the wrist that features masculine ethnic motifs. The fabric goes well with the pearls, which means you can combine these bracelets, or opt for a model that combines the two.

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