Les bijoux pour hommes qui font fureur

Men's jewelry that is all the rage

Each season brings a new wave of men's jewelry. To be at the forefront of fashion, it is not enough to have the latest designer pieces. Wearing trendy men's jewelry is also part of the deal. Are you looking for men's jewelry to wear this season? Here are the men's jewels that are all the rage and that you absolutely must wear.

Necklaces and pendants: the must-haves

To dress up your neck or your bust, know that THE trendy necklace is the chain. This jewel, which was made in solid silver, is inspired by the streetwear look of the 90s. Be careful, not just any stitch! This time, the coffee bean wins. Also favor XXL strings called "statement" like those used by trackers.

Yes, but what style of jewelry?

As for the pendants, either you choose the 9 mm bullet pendant, resolutely bad boy, or the key pendant. And for the pendant to shine in all its splendor, set your sights on yellow gold. The bullet pendant will give a military touch and also demonstrate your bravery and fearlessness in your daily life. If you decide to wear the key pendant, it means that you are an independent, free, but also responsible person.

Ring on finger, all fingers, of course!

The rings that are all the rage these days are signet rings and thin rings. The preferred models for signet rings are those that display a minimalist and graphic side. Also opt for signet rings in gold or silver since here it is a question of jewellery.

If the imposing look of the signet ring does not excite you too much, bet on the thin ring: the famous XXS ring to be worn preferably on the little finger.

The bracelets, always there

Your wrists also deserve to wear beautiful jewelry. If you are looking for the trendy bracelet, choose a bangle bracelet. This bracelet model is currently all the rage. Choose it in gold or silver: it's up to you. To make a splash with your peers, the trend is sea air. Opt for the wired bangle men's bracelets or the bangle bracelet with nautical knot.

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