Les bijoux hommes Miansai montent en gamme

Miansai men's jewelry goes upscale

Miansai has until now been a brand that has built its reputation on men's jewelry made from common materials such as fabric, leather and base metals. This strategy was consistent with its founder's goal of creating casual jewelry that can be worn by men initially reluctant to accessorize. Today, Miansai has decided to go upmarket a bit by offering a collection of men's jewelry that can be placed in the category of fine jewelry.

14 carat gold necklaces, bracelets and rings

These new jewels are made of 14 carat gold. If the material used is more noble, we find the light and sober style that made the success of the brand, in particular the famous bracelet rush Screw. That said, 14 carat gold is not Byzantium either. This is why this range introduces precious stones such as rubies, black diamonds, emeralds and white diamonds. This is a first for Miansai.

collier homme or noir

In addition to yellow gold, Miansai has used some rather special variants, such as black gold. This term is often used for oil, but it is also a variation of colored gold, like white gold or rose gold. Black gold is obtained through various surface treatments (patina after application of compounds, controlled oxidation, etc.).

A completely different budget

Of course, these jewellery for men now require a whole different budget. The cheapest part is offered at $450, the most expensive goes up to more than $2000. On average, you have to pay more than $1000 to acquire one of his pieces. The collection has just been launched on the American site of Miansai, as well as at Mr Porter.

Miansai, a philosophy of men's jewelry

This 12-year-old brand has become popular thanks to its leather bracelets for men, in particular. She is also known to be very creative in the way she markets her products. The company particularly enjoys setting up pop-up stores in US malls and other high-traffic locations, including converting vintage vehicles into displays.

For example, a small sky blue Piaggo utility vehicle from the 1960s took up residence in the Tom Bradley terminal at Los Angeles airport. While Miansai has become a safe bet in men's jewelry, this move upmarket is the logical continuation of this success story. After contributing to the popularization of men's jewelry, the brand is now targeting categories that are particularly attentive to the quality of their accessories.

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