Les bijoux hommes en perles, prochaine sensation ?

Men's pearl jewelry, the next sensation?

We already knew the beaded bracelets for men of the shamballa or rosary type, popular with men in the onyx or wood. For the past few years, the pearl, already highly prized by ladies, has enjoyed real success among gentlemen. A trend that has not escaped the notice of the Tahitian Pearl Association of French Polynesia, which has just launched a specific promotional campaign for men.

Tahiti inspires jewelry for men

All the jewelers are unanimous: men are more and more interested in jewellery, whether in Polynesia or elsewhere in the world. On an island like Tahiti where the use of pearls is as old as jewelry, they are particularly popular. It must be said that they go particularly well with ethnic patterns, which are particularly appreciated by the categories of men most likely to wear jewelry, such as hipsters.

A study to better identify needs

In order to better meet the needs of men in terms of jewelry, the Tahitian Pearl Association of French Polynesia has launched a major study. The results should give jewelers a better understanding of men's expectations and needs in terms of men's necklaces and bracelets.

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