Les bijoux hommes de la Fashion Week masculine

Men's Fashion Week men's jewelry

Catwalks, whether for clothing or accessories such as jewelry, often open a window on what will be the fashion of tomorrow. Here are the men's jewelry trends that stood out during the last Men's Fashion Week in Paris.


Men's pearl bracelets or necklaces are already popular, but they are most often made of wooden or stone beads. Here, we are talking about real natural pearls. Several brands paraded their models with pearly necklaces, which is new for men.

The surf necklace

These gentlemen tend to opt for muted colors when it comes to jewelry. But during the last Fashion Week, many houses put the spotlight on the surf collar. Not to be used in all seasons, but certainly to be considered when the weather and clothing are suitable...especially during heat waves in France.

The earring worn alone

The single earring had its moment of glory, it made a big comeback during the last Fashion Week. Givenchy and Dior are among the best-known houses that have fueled the trend.

The arm jewel

How do you get a pocket on your wrist? With an arm jewel. The Givenchy house proposed on the occasion of the last Men's Fashion Week a kind of bag with metallic points which is put on the wrist. Ideal for storing loose change while sporting a rebellious Mad Max look with this cuff bracelet.

The connected necklace

Hate having bulky things in your pockets? Who knows, we may soon see the arrival of necklaces specially designed to accommodate your laptop.

Long necklaces for ethnic men

Esotericism and indigenous culture enthusiasts were served at the last Fashion Week. You could admire many long necklaces inspired by Native American culture, the great mysteries and shamanism.

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